Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Coming back home

Sometimes in life you go after many things. I did too. I kept on hitting dead end.. Also, whenever there is a distraction, there happens to be a deviation from the basics. Getting away from blogging, from the life that originally was, in search of something in the parallel universe, just happened to give me an experience which I think I wouldn't have wanted. But I embrace it anyway. 

A lot of things happened. All happy stuff! :) But I sought another refuge and expressed in some other medium. But I realized  somethings are better off they way they were meant to be. Like, a poem is supposed to be in a rhyme, a story - in words. But I was trying to find other ways of expressions. Seems, I ain't very good at anything but ranting stuff on "An Obscure Optimist". I keep reassuring myself about the obscurity that surrounds me and the optimism that creeps out eventually. But all these days, I failed to express.

I am home this time, and I find it heartwarming as the roads of Nagpur, drenched, yell out a welcome and ask me to relish this wonderful treat. I have missed it all these days. There were times when I was in Nagpur, but I used to traverse just one path. That path made me hit a dead end a number of times, but I still kept on banging my head there. This time, I took a different route. The roads were familiar, yet unfamiliar in their own way, like they were telling me their grudges, expressing how much they missed me. I missed them too. We conversed, and seems the familiarity is bouncing back.

I was devoid of the pleasures of walking on the streets because of being engrossed in useless things and allowing the advance means of commutation to take me to "nowhere". Now I am back from there. It's a time to move on, walk down the memory lanes again.

I miss my dear friend with whom I shared wonderful evenings. It's home in more ways than one. I have a few more days of stay here, and I can feel the pain of departure already. Something keeps telling me that one day everything will be alright and I will be back home.

This feeling keeps me going. I shall leave in a few days, only to come back, and be the same old day dreamer who loved each and every street of the city that led her to her happy place!

To that happy place, I shall come back! :)