Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Those Tears!

The times, when you are thinking about something deeply and a song on your player just fits the mood bringing out those brazen tears..

You try very hard to just let them stay at the rim, trying your best to not let it overflow, but it does anyway. It finds a way out of the lower lash, flowing slowly, fading your dark circles, climbing the cheek bones, and then following a downhill upto your jaw line.

You feel it slowly making its way, and you wish it was someone's touch instead.. But you feel the moist settle. The wet feeling outside and the dry -within, parches your throat. You gulp down whatever you have in your mouth, at times you gulp down a piece of air.. And continue feeling the tear flow down, slowly drying the path it made for itself from the eye to the lip. You taste the saline you shed, and then the glass spills. It follows the same path that the first stream took..and then it is unstoppable..

You allow it.. And silently feel the warmth surfacing.. You are capable of a river stream yourself, merging into the sea. The depths of the eyes contain a lot of it.

Finally as you are done weeping and the song on the player ends, you contemplate whether you want to listen to it all over again.

You play it anyway, because you are not sure how you felt the first time, and if you know how you felt, you don’t know why. If you the reason too, you want to traverse the path all over again and see, if you are still capable of yet another pour out.

Wonderful thing... These tears...