Thursday, August 02, 2012

Revival of attempts

I am back again. I tried to stay away from blogging, so that I could concentrate on some good quality writing. I wanted to come up with a fiction, but that did not seem to work. There are so many social issues going on around, that my mind is stuck up there, and until I blurt that out, it is difficult to escape from reality and go into a parallel universe of imagination and write down something inspiring. I started with two fictions, but nothing came up which would, you know, hit the chord. It has just been beating itself around the bush and I've been watching it do it. Nonetheless, I am the reason behind it, to confess minimally.

Procrastination is such a good thing, at times, I feel that it allows you to exist in the moment, by putting away other things for a later date. You just are ! You simply exist in that moment and you procrastinate every other thing. Sounds great when I put it this way, but it sucks when I look at my lists of commitments. But what's so shameful in accepting the attempts which have gone futile? I gracefully accept it.

That reminds me of Bade Achhe lagte hai. I am sadly glued to this serial and I waited so many days watch the re-union of the great pair of Indian soap opera, only to be fooled. The mega episode clearly showed both the protagonists meeting and acknowledging each other's presence. They even call out each others names.. Ram!!!.... Priya???

And when I tune into the same channel again on a blue Monday which is dismally about to end, I realize they have completely ignored that part and have shown something entirely different, like they have not been united yet. My room-mate got a little sentimental, when she realized that the director was lying to her. She felt cheated. She said, this is not what was supposed to come in today's episode, why and how are they not together. I had no clue how to console the lady. But I was empathizing too.

So lying on Indian Television, cheating the viewers is another trend to increase the TRPs. The producers don't realize that there people who take it to heart when their favorite characters do not meet, and they feel worse when they have to wait for another week to have a cookie, because they gave up eating sweets until the time Ram and Priya met.

Yeah! Don't gimme those OMGs.. There exist such people. I live with them!

There is a lot going on the news these days. The Molestation case in Assam, Pranab being sworn in, Shinde becoming Home Minister, Anna fasting again, Power shutdown in north India, monsoons finally arriving in some parts of the country, whereas Bangalore being declared as drought hit. A lot of things are happening. I swear I have opinions on all of them, but what's the point speaking? Is anything going to happen.

There's a human chain on 3rd August that  I am going to participate in, which is an initiative by "IndiaAgainstCorruption" group. There are various events and activities being staged all across India. Apart from being uncorrupted and honest, I can extend the chain by being a link and support the cause. I am waiting for it! :)

That's all that's been going on. I wish I get back to blogging, whatever it may be. I so miss writing. Fiction will eventually come! :) Readers'  those who've demanded, please bear with me. I promise to come up with something which would be on good read! :)

Stay around!