Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hanging until the next push

I thought all these days, that I wouldn't hit it, but seems, I am slowly, gradually coming close to a writer's block again.

I wish there were levels or categories of a writer's block. I have unfathomable thoughts which i want to pen down, but a mere human that I am, I am weighed down by a lot of limitations and weaknesses. I wish I could be a little less lazier.

There was a time when fictions would unfold like curtains on a stage and the play would begin, with characters speaking out loud, making a way to the audience's heart.

There was a time, when the scroll of the keyboard would signify the turning of pages, eager and intrigued. The story would be dependent on the readers such that it takes the path the readers would never think it would. Unlikely. Surprising and interesting. Both.

It was a great time, when I would be able to write chapter after chapter, living my life in parallel with my characters. My passion it would be to bring to life something which isn't.

I want to confess, that I feel like being regularly regular at blogging - my only passion. But I wish I had no other interests.

To speak about other interests and what keeps me so occupied - I'd say, it is some amazing books written by a few very intelligent Indian Authors.

I am currently reading Palace Of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. I would want to write a review too, once I am done reading.

But I realise how awesome it is to stay glued to something so interesting and giving up your priorities entirely :P
I wonder at the power of the writer, the way she has successfully managed to keep me engaged in her writing, making me forget mine!

I hope I end up learning from this one experience too. Because, reading is nothing but an experience!

Promising to come back with more to read on The Obscure Optimist, I take a break. A little break, before I start afresh! :)

The Silent Saturday today, apparently made a lot of noise! :)

Happy blogging!:)