Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pretty Surreal

I have always been looking for something to cash upon when I hit the writer's block. And hitting the dead end, is not just once, but many times, in a life time. 
I have numerous diaries to aid me when I get there, to help me scribble and try to get that head start when I am stuck.

To help me, overcome this phase of stagnancy, a dear friend, bought a "Scribbling pad" for me, which says "Writer's Block". Seems it is exclusively intended for one such phase. 
I don't know when will I reach that, because as of now, I am not really facing any block, except "finding time to blog" block. I wish I could write and write and write! I got so much to say! :)

I am so happy that someone bought me that gift and I am sure it will reach me exactly when I hit the writer's block. 

As of now, it's good :) 

And for this surreal Sunday, it was a pretty pretty surprise! :)

Thanks Varghese :)