Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the wondrous roads...

...Of Old Goa..

© Yamini
I am not really good with the Camera - bad on either side of it. But lately I have seen so many people taking up photography. They click, process and put up. I usually am not able to appreciate it technically. But I appreciate it when I find something being expressed out of it. If I think, the picture is good enough to be written about, poetry, or anything, then it's a good picture. Else, it's just a colorful capture.

I may be really offensive when I talk like that, so sincere apologies. But art is something which should Speak. If it doesn't, it isn't really art.

I do use the camera. I click pictures and I try processing them too. Surprisingly, there are some pictures which I work really hard upon, processing them, making them look more appealing. I love to write on them, though I may not necessarily publish it!

So just like the day intended, a wordless Wednesday, I have ruined the essence pretty much, but I will let the photograph speak for itself. This road led me to one of the prettiest revelation of life! :)