Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Very correctly someone has said "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.  It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.  We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. "

I have always thought, a friend is always supposed to help you find yourself, when you are lost.Rest everyone is something else.

But we use "Friends" for so many different kind people

1. Who lends you money
2. Who accompanies you for movies
3. Who has lunch with you at work
4. Who goes with you to a Toastmaster meeting
5. Who sits next to you at work
6. Who carpools with you
7. Who goes for meditation with you

But, do these people really help you in time of distress, do they understand you in and out?

Ofcourse someone who is really close to you, knows you, lits that fire in you when it goes out, that one friend is the BEST amongst all the good ones.

And this relationship is out of the world. They are like parents you selected for yourself, or a sibling you've never had, or a confidante who always wished to have.

After watching Dil Chahta Hai, I learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life. Every relationship has a limit, and if it is crossed, the relationship is ruined. That limit should always be respected. And similarly, in friendship too, there is a limit, which we all should respect, else, it really doesn't go the way, it could have.

A topic of discussion has always been, whether a guy and a girl can be friends. Someone whom I know, always emphasized that a guy and girl can never be friends.

I always believed that, as long as you respect the limit of "Friendship", you can remain friends even with a guy or vice versa. But the moment, when you bring in physical attraction into picture, you have crossed the limit and your thoughts have taken you to the place from where there is no coming back. No matter how much you try, you can never let that thought subside, and the friendship develops into something else. It is not just friendship alone. It is clubbed with attraction, leading to infatuation and usually concluded as love.

Then Friends, get the benefits, and in most cases, the guy and the girl get married and have a happy ending, otherwise, it ends on a bad note.

That limit, of friendship, if maintained, makes life really really simple.

So, I wish I could tell that one person who always kept telling me that a guy and a girl can never be friends, that yes, they can be, if things are kept the way they are supposed to be.

Lately, most of us, have friends with benefits. We kill our emotions, and feelings and convince ourselves that a particular person is just a friend, with xyz benefits. It is a mutual understanding and things go on pretty smoothly.

I have always wondered how does this concept work? Because I am someone who doesn't use her brain to think. I just feel things from my heart.

Do you know anyone who are friends with benefits? How does the concept work? Does the conscience remain clear, is not getting attracted so easy, when there are such pretty things around?

Benefits! It's a positive word, but with a lot of negative repercussions hidden!

Friendship is beautiful. I wish it remained the way it is supposed to be. The way Krishna and Sudama had.

PS: This post is dedicated to Priyanka Ganatra Kariya, the sweetest friend I ever had! :)