Monday, May 21, 2012

For the little one, again

I cannot join random letters
to form one strong word
But I can understand what you say
I am not an animal or bird
Ask me, I can tell what exactly papa told
I am smart I know things well,
I am nine months old

Old people, young and those who can
speak so utterly well
Talk like me, like a Baby you see,
Wht they are saying, I cannot tell.
An accent so weird with kuchikoos
Are stupid and not at all bold
Give me some sane talk people
I am nine months old

Mumma said I should be a good girl
and be sweet with everyone
But uncle you really drive me crazy
and you never stop once you've begun
And aunty you should know
how a baby you should hold
Well, I can be on my own in a few days
Coz I am nine months old

In three months from today
I will be turning one
I'd have my say, with shouts and songs
And then you'll see the fun
And when I wouldn't have enough
I'd scream when you'd scold
I would walk and run and talk with you
But now I am nine months old