Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treasure Found

This is the gist of the Bachelorette Party that we all had last sunday. It was for Maloo, and she obliged with an excellent writeup, expressing her take on all that happened to her starting from the time she woke up to the time she slept.. :)

This Tangy Tuesday Post is by Maloo. Treasure Hunt ki Kahaani, Maloo ki zubaani... Sit back and Enjoy!!



In this entire episode of bachelors’ party and the treasure hunt, I have found my true treasure.
It’s the friends around me who care for me and love me for who I am.
So I want to thank you all for being there.
Big bow to pri yam and puntoo for bringing this all together and making it a special day for me..


I spent the entire Saturday cleaning the pimple saudagar wala house.


Friendship is precious; not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.
When this sunshine dawned up on 18th of March, 2012, very little I knew what it had in stored for me.

After a very tiring Saturday, full of cleaning, I decided to sleep off my first Sunday in Pune after a really long time.
For all those who don’t know, I have a very bad timing of my metabolic activities. But since I am not a child anymore (fact), I don’t have the privilege of sleeping this activity off in bed. Usually the first thing that I see in the morning are my roommate Yamini’s feet. It’s not out of the respect that I have for her, but for the fact that she sleeps away to glory for quite long and also the fact that the cots are positioned that way. But today, today was different. It was a picture perfect bed that we usually see at showrooms. The bed sheet neatly folded, pillows perfectly placed and the bedspread neatly organized. I should have got my first hint then and there, but I was too drowsy to read between the lines or precisely speaking to read between the cots.
I began my massive journey to the next room when I saw all three of them (Yamini, Priyanka and Divyanka) discussing something. They suddenly were quite when they saw me approaching. I asked them what was the matter, but no answer. My second hint!! Again, too drowsy to read between the lines, I continued on my journey to the activity center. And to my (bowels) shock, I saw this stuck on the mirror.

Good Morning Maloo… :)

I stand where every one wishes to be
Opposite to me, is the mighty Archie
Comic, it may seem, I am very very old
Pretty Parsis built me, I am told
Cramped in a small space, but I smell of butter
You'd come with many, but couldn't capture me in a shutter
French cuisine, as simple as a toast
Or, if I have sodexo, let me be the host!
Come to me, I am all positive of best
Think grammatically, and if you must, do not rest
It's morning time, you aren't hungry?? WTF!!!
Let's go.. let's go to the sweet old _________!
“WTF..!!!! what is this”, I thought. I knew immediately that it was the sweet old “Goodluck”! , but what was this supposed to mean. And who did this and why and how and…. I was out of questions. And then the three mighty kings (queens) appeared, with devil horns and tridents in their hands.

“Oh mighty Knight, shut your trap.
Let be your ignorant drunken ribaldry!
No more battis and no more crap,
Do as you’ve told for you owe a map!

To the treasure land you find your way,
Solving the puzzles taking help if you may!
Perform well for we are time bound,
Your bachelorhood is only for some time around!”

It was then I realized what was happening. My drowsiness had completely washed out and I had a treasure to hunt for. It was a test of the brain and the brawn. Gearing up with my armor, this knight, bravely set on her quest for treasure. First stop.. Cafe Goodluck…!!!!

After we ordered our breakfast, I was handed the second clue.


.1. Duble achhe lagte the, par Bade bhi achhe lagte hai
   Pehle Siya ke saath the, aaj kal Priya sang dikhte hai  --
2. If Dumbledore : Michael and Tom : Fiennes
   If Cedric is Pattinson whose looks are truly divine!
   If Chang is Katie, Ron is Grint,
   Tell me who Granger is, and we are on our next stint! --
3. Is bande ka budday aata hai 18th Sept ko
   Kitni naukri badalta, puchhungi isko
   Tujhe bhaati sirf kulfi iske saath
   pata nahi karte ho kitni saari  baat!     --
4. Ishan - Aarush, Gauhar - Nigaar
   If Ross and Monica were twins, kitna maza aata yaar!
   But they weren't twins, Phoebe had one!
   Tell me her name, and then see what's the fun!  --
5. Patent pe patent, tareekh pe tareekh
   tu toh kama rahi hai mast fame!
   Company ne sar aankhon pe bithaya hai..
   You should call out its name!    ----
6. Tera hobby, tera timepaas
   sundar sundar patle patle paper wala timepass
   rang birange kagaz ko yu gol ghumakar
   ajeeb ajeeb phool banakar
   logo ke haath me gift thamakar
   tu karti tera hobby, tera timepass! !    -----
7. ____ nahi ye andhi hai
  Desh ka dusra gandhi hai!    -----
I had this massive task of guessing and unjumbling!!!

First attempt:
1.    “teen clues toh Ram Kapoor bolte hain… magar yeh siya kaun hai”
2.    “Harry Potter!!!.. mujhe toh kuch nahi pata iske bareen mein”
3.    “Swapnil Adokar”
4.    “Phoebe ki twin!!! Uska naam… uuuuffffffffffff”
5.    “E***n” (protected for ethical needs…!!!!)
6.    “Quilling”
7.    “yeh toh annshan ke waqt ka nara tha na”

Second attempt:
1.    “Ram Kapoor hi hoga…”
2.    “logon ke chehre yaad nahi rehte mereko.. Hermione ka asli naam kahan se yaad karoon”
3.    “Swapnil Adokar”
4.    “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”
5.    “E***n” (protected for ethical needs…!!!!)
6.    “Quilling”
7.    “slogan kya tha….”

Hints by the moderators:
1.    “tujhe jo lagta hai woh likh”
2.    “Sherlock holmes ke assistant ka kya naam tha”
3.     “”
4.    “Nagpur mein girls school hai sadar mein”
5.    “”
6.    “”
7.    “kya tha woh yaad hai.. kisske liye tha woh yaad nahi kya”

Third attempt:
1.    “Ram Kapoor”
2.    “Emma Watson”
3.    “Swapnil Adokar”
4.    “ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”
5.    “E***n” (protected for ethical needs…!!!!)
6.    “Quilling”
7.    “Anna”
Breakfast over, bill paid and I still had to unravel my next destination. Phone a friend was allowed… this knight asked for help in the first round itself.. L
And finally
1.    “Ram Kapoor”
2.    “Emma Watson”
3.    “Swapnil Adokar”
4.    “Ursula”
5.    “E***n” (protected for ethical needs…!!!!)
6.    “Quilling”
7.    “Anna”

Now unjumbling “RESUEQA”…. What could this be???

My attempts:
1.    Phoenix
2.    Acquire
3.    Rafrees
4.    “movie ka naam hai kya”

Clues by the moderators:
1.    “iss restaurant mein aaisa kuch hai jo….. jaanede it will be too obvious”
2.    “think mathematically”
3.    “wat is 2 exponent 2 called”

My final attempts:
1.    2 raised to 2
2.    2 to the power 2
3.    Aur kya bolte…ummmmmmmmm
4.    Square!!!!!

Next stop…E-SQUARE…!!!!

I made many attempts to know the name of the movie but of course, all were futile. These kings were far more prepared than I could imagine. The movie experience was good. The title suited perfectly to my wedding theme, “This Means War”. Also the experience was one of a kind considering the fact that there were two movies being played simultaneously, the colorful one in front and a blue one on the right. One thing was common in both… ACTION baby!! Hard core ACTION!!!!

We needed someone to relieve us of the huge stress of two action films. Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. And so the pretty ladies went out shopping. Details of shopping are protected again for ethical reasons.

Pockets were empty and so were the stomachs, time for lunch.
Divyanka joined us and our new motto was, “Chalo Dilli”. Oops.. Sorry, “Chalo Rajdhani”!!!

The test of the brain was over and it was the time for the burp…Excuse me… time for brawn… sensory brawn!!!! I was blindfolded in the car and was asked to sense my next destination.

Next stop…. I am still sensing!!!!!

In this round I performed exceptionally well. I sensed my way to the destination. My blindfold was removed and I opened my eyes to… huge amount of sunlight and the name tag of “Radisson”. Up we went to the seventh floor into the cool blu spa. After an hour of complete body massage followed by a nice warm bath I truly had found my treasure.

On my way back home, I was thinking of the day’s events and that it was over now, I was truly content and rejuvenated.
But the three kings still had horns on their heads… Sahadevan came in… yes that’s my fiancée. It’s a bachelors’ party with a difference!!!
I was asked to get ready in 20 mins..!!! For a date.. !!!!

My last stop… (even Sahadevan didn’t knew where it was) Zaafraan..!!!!
Details of the date not disclosed.. yes that’s right, for ethical reasons.. ;)

Thus ended my bachelors’ day..!!!!


Aaj subah jab mein bus stop ki oor aapne kadam badha raha tha,
I was thinking about all the events that took place yesterday.
I was planning on how will I tell mom and dad about what happened.
At what points will I tell them all the comments that were passed.
How I managed to just pass the good luck café contest..
How was the spa massage and what I felt while they were doing it…
Then I thought of calling yamini bhabhi and tell her all about it.. also the shopping part…
As I was gliding on my 7th heaven thought process…
I realized I was at the auto stand at the depot and I saw my bus going past me…
“rooko rooko!!!” I shouted and started running….
And much to my surprise..(Considering the fact that I run on the trade mill in the gym),
My legs slipped and I fell on my a** flat on the road… my hands stretched completely at the back….
People started staring at me.. But then I realized they weren’t looking at me… they were looking behind me…
And when I turned… I saw the omni ka bumper just 6-7 inches away from my face…
I looked up and saw the driver…
His expression: eyebrows completely raised, eyes wide open, mouth stretched to its capacity…
I couldn’t control my laughter when I saw him… but looking at the situation and the people around, just managed to chuckle
All the auto drivers around thought that the omni guy had hit me from behind and started yelling at him..
I had to clear the situation out and rescue him from their wrath only for them to start shouting at me…
“kya madam, ek bus ke liye aaisa bhagte kya. Jaan se pyaara hai kay bus…”
I managed to get out of that and check whether my bus had stopped or not…
Meanwhile one guy from my bus had seen me run and fall and had stopped the bus.
All the people in the bus had got down and were walking towards the spot.
It had stopped at quite a distance, so I was running towards the bus again…
People asked to stop running and walk slowly now..
I reached the bus and my fellow travel mates enquired all about the incident..
I assured them I wasn’t hurt and that all was well…
Thus all things and the bus were back on track…
In the bus I was thinking about the incident and realized..
No matter how high you fly, life always gets you back on the ground… the same old rough, hard, cold, tar coated, sharply edged ground!

Who knew that I would get to learn a lesson from my bachelors’ party…!!!