Monday, March 19, 2012


She called me the other day
I wish I could make her say
What I always want to
But she'd obviously had her way

In her melodious tone she spoke
As if I were one of her folks
And how I love it when she yelled
Just the way I'd, when my finger broke

And then she laughed like an angel, sweet
I wish if we could right then meet
And I would kiss her cheek so pink
And that's how to me she would always greet

But her mumma took her and went up north
I wanted to not talk to her henceforth
But she gave me an angel to love and play
And whatever she does is all pretty worth

So I write for her then and now to show
so that the little one would always know
her aunt used to miss her bad
and used to write poems, two in a row

You are so far, and I am too
I wish I could tell your mom what to do
But she knows more, and so you stay there
But, baby, nonetheless, I love you <3