Wednesday, March 07, 2012

She's Perfect !

Picture Courtesy:
An epiphany of the heavens
An assembly of faith
She brought me from where I was waiting
At the colossal heaven's gate

She nurtured me well
She put me together
She made me see the world so beautiful
She's Perfect, my mother!


She held my little finger
She thought it was her guide
She trembled, when I left her alone
I told her I'm by her side

She isn't my daughter,
But I love her like one
She's perfect, like a shadow - my sister
And sometimes she's my Sun


A wrinkled face so calm
A touch, so soothing and serene
Her love reflected in what she cooked
She taught me her special cuisine

The sumptuouous life, which she led not
Taught her many a thing
She's perfect, my grandmom,
She's the wind beneath my wings


She heard me when I had secrets to keep
She lent me a shoulder to cry
She laughed with me in my good times
She too shared her woes and joys

She talked to me and she understood
All that no one could comprehend
She sings, dances, plays with me
She's perfect, my friend!


A Talisman, so true, in my life
She spreads so much love
I wish I could thank her
But I can never do that enough

She plays different roles
She's crazy, she's fun
She is an epitome of completeness
She's perfect, a woman!

Happy Women's Day :)