Thursday, March 15, 2012

How about that Shuttle?

It's a thoughtful Thursday! :D

There was a time, when there used to be subtle indication of a double meaning in what people spoke. But now, it is a rarity to find a subtle indication of decency in what people speak. The other day I happened to watch a serial on the lines of Comedy Circus.

A girl, aged 8, was delivering her part. She was so expressive, and attractive, that it held my attention for a while and I stopped flipping the channels and decided to watch it for a while.

The content of her talk was cheap. Not that I didn't like it, ofcourse I did. Everything that is spoken in double meaning is appreciated and well-received. I had a nice time, laughing out loud at a few of the passes she made. She had an amazing timing.

But then, I wondered, is it really fair, to make a girl of 8 talk about something as adult as flirting and stalking a guy?

Had it been someone older, the act would have made a lot of sense. But I hated, for a being a part of the entertained audience. When children start talking about slapstick double meaning incidences, and ways to impress boys and girls, it shows, how fast the kids are growing.

I keep getting these forwarded mails from my friends, showing all the famous serials we had back in the 90s, the interesting advertisements and jingles on Doordarshan. When I think about my childhood, I think it was pretty much the way it should have been. We grew up, one year at a time. We spoke of flirting when we were teenagers, we understood the meaning of physical attraction in our later teens and the further details, as we grew older.

But when kids talk about these things, it is an utter shame to the parents who encourage such freedom, and don't give them what they should, at that particular age.

If they ever put me in the Censor Board for censoring what they show on the Indian Television, then  we'll have serials like Shrimaan-Shrimati and Shaktiman rotating again!
Anyway, considering how everyone has a right to express, I would not withhold anyone else's! :)


Talking about Double Meaning, something that happened recently with a friend, blew  my socks off, and I ended up laughing at such an awesome timing.

Now this one wasn't by an 8 year old! :D So it made sense :D

Yep, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai! :)

Gal: Badminton?

Guy: I think I forgot the Shuttke Cork..Do you have one?

Gal: No. I didn't get any. Seems  you don't want to play with me.  Don’t keep blaming me for not getting one!!!

‎‎Guy: I just went down and checked in the car...Really I forgot .. Otherwise I always bring racket, shuttle cork and shorts.  I came early in the morning to play badminton. Trust me!

‎‎Gal: Shorts???? You brought that too today?

‎‎Guy: Ya I wanted to play. So, I brought the shorts…
And forgot the co*k..


Guy:  :P