Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Been a while, when I have honed my writing skills and taken up some interesting pursuits!
I am not very sure, how far I would follow what I commit, but I would like this place to be more happening and more creatively attractive!
I have decided to have one post every day. I may not be original every single day, but I would try to share a few of the interesting things that I come across.
So here's my list that I want to genuinely follow!
Monday - Musings. A day when I can creatively compose or creatively share. And have an inspiration ahead for the week. Something about love or pretty care, or opportunities and chances that I earnestly seek!
Mondays would be about Poetic Musings :)
Tuesday - Tangy Gossips. There is so much happening around, that I need to share. Obviously I won't be a bitch, but share some interesting news that I know and if in turn you know a few, we can all have a common forum! :D Sure, there can be a few personal gossips and a few general ones! :D
Tuesday's gotta be Tangy! :)
Wednesday - Words in Pictures. I would let the pictures speak. I am horrible at clicking pictures, but good enough to explain why I clicked them. It would be my representation of what I see or some novice who's going crazy on that cam! :)
Thursday - Truth and more. Confessions, real incidents, personal learning, and funny incidences that make Thursdays truly thoughtful! :)
ABHH would find a place here. Been long, huh! :)
Friday - Fictions. There exists a parallel universe, where everything works in fiction. It's unreal, but we wish to be there, it's false, but we find ourselves in the realms of imagination. Fiction is just stating the truth otherwise! So Friday, will be fictional... with all sincere attempts!
Saturday - Silent. Silence speaks louder than words. There must be a few days, when my blabbering shouldn't be published.
I'd rather quote the famous ones, who made more sense than I did.
Silent Saturdays, would mean, some profound quotes shared by the profound men (and women too)!
Sunday - Surreal. There has to be a scope for surprises. I love to be surprised. I love to be random at times, be awed by something surreal, something beautiful, something intriguing! :)
Surreal Sundays, would be my favorite!
They say, if you make it public, you ought to follow. :)
Today is Tuesday. I think, this is tangy enough, to begin with! :D
To add something more, I'd say, the Indian television has reached another height by clearly depicting a lovemaking scene in the serial Bade Achhe Lagte Hai. Where people are talking about Revolution in the Indian Television Industry, I am wondering about the family values, and the comfort level!
Will it be the same anymore to watch Soap Operas with the family?