Monday, February 20, 2012

You came my way

I searched for you where they
dug dungeons deep,

I looked for you on crests,
on peaks,

I turned back from valleys
which looked lost
in themselves

I read your existences
in all the books
on my shelves

Then I sat back
I tired myself all out

When out of the blue
you appeared,
and gave a shout

I heard your voice,
but it echoed from

I tried to chase a shadow,
but it didn't
seem to care

I sensed a movement,
I thought
it was a teasing dance

I smelt your fragrance,
I thought
I'd take a chance

I ran to the world's end,
until the circle

I dried my self in the sun
and allowed the rain
to drench me wet

I looked everywhere,
All night
all day

Finally I closed my eyes,
And you came my way.