Thursday, February 09, 2012

Man and Wife

Picture Courtesy: Chetan Bais

A wall is nothing but life
Like a canvas
more than it ought to be,
I'll draw and you paint some
It will a beautiful picture
we'll see

I hung my dreams there
to make it clear
you can hang it too,
You see mine and I see yours
and lets just
Make them come true

Life , what others perceive
may indeed be varied
from what it appears,
We can love, be there for each other
and we can wipe
the tears

And when we'd be together hung
on the moments of infinity
We can make beauty out of
anything and to us
it will be dear

As we celebrate togetherness
for many lives
to come,
I shall promise to be your moon
in the dark
and you promise to be my sun

Finally when the rounds of
hope, faith and happiness
shall end
I shall be your man, you my wife
and we'll be
best of friends.

This one's to Kasturi and Arvind!

Wishing you a lifetime of togetherness, happiness, love and bliss!! :)