Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Love, then and now - 3

"Where had you been?", Kailash asked, talking out loud, as he saw Amu approach.
"Nothing. I got something for you.", Amu said.
"What? Show me!", Kailash looked interested.
"Well, medicines. Nothing much!", Amu replied.
"Aah. I thought there was surprise", Kailash said.
"Why did you think there would be one? Is it your birthday?", Amu asked, teasingly.
"No. It's Valentine's day no!", Kailash sighed.
"So?", Amu asked.
"You should give me something!", Kailash demanded.
"And why would that be so?", Amu asked.
"Because I am gonna gift you something too!", Kailash said.
“Is that how you impressed girls in college? With gifts?”, Amu asked.
“Well, Yes.. Isn’t that good!”, Kailash asked.
“I don’t trust you. You couldn’t even talk to the girl you claimed to love, let alone be gifting her something”, Amu teased him.
“Well… umm…err.. .Alright. I was way too shy then. I was afraid of being rejected”, Kailash confessed.
“So.. really nothing happened on Prerna front?”, Amu teased again.
Kailash gave a drab look. “As if you gifted stars to your army man, huh”, Kailash questioned back.
“I didn’t need to,. I have only given token of love to just one person in my entire life. You know it!”, Amu said.
“Amrita, you better stop playing with words now, and tell me, what apart from medicines, do you have for me”, Kailash asked.
Amu simply smiled, even more, as she heard her name.
“I have a gift for you, you inconsiderate female!”, Kailash groaned.
"Really!", Amu's face brightened.
"See this", Kailash extended his iPad and showed a video he had made for Amu.
It played Amu's favorite track. Kailash sang along too.
"Nothing's gonna change my love for you...You ought to know by now how much I love you", Kailash joined in the lead.
Amu simply stared at him and sighed. She said, "Even if I tell you I am still in love with Shekhar?"
"Yes, even if you tell me you have an affair with him, I would say I love you!", Kailash said.
Amu smiled, "I love you too!", as she let Kailash pull her close.
"You've started to look even more beautiful with age", Kailash complimented her, as Amu revisited the video and Kailash played with her hair.
"Yes.. After discussing about the first loves of our lives, you want to tell me that I look beautiful? I know you can't get over Prerna", Amu said.
"Stop being jealous. You are my wife. She's just a memory", Kailash said.
"Yeah. Every Valentine's Day you talk about one of your loves. And all are pleasant memories!", Amu said.
"This time we talked about our first love, next time let’s talk about our last!", Kailash suggested.
"I always talk about you Kailash", Amu said.
"Am I your last love? Are you sure?", Kailash asked.
"I have been sure since we became best friends", Amu smiled.
"Since 20 years, I am your last love, eh?", Kailash sounded surprised, he added, “20 years, and you’ve been in love with me, ONLY?”
Amu hit him, pulled him close, and wrapped a muffler around his neck and said, "Happy Valentine's day!"
"I will sure have to mend my ways", Kailash said.
"Why, have you been naughty lately?", Amu asked, pulling his cheeks.
"No. But I can be if you want me to", Kailash hinted a mischief.
"Better be then!", Amu said, as they embraced each other and celebrated the togetherness, friendship and love.

“Oh, by the way, I haven’t had a crush since 20 years either”, he added.
“I know”, she said.