Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, then and now - 2

"Nothing is as good as a cup of coffee and an interesting conversation. What do you think, Amu?",he asked.

"So we are already at it, aren't we?", Amu counter questioned.

"Sure, we are. So.. NCC camp. New Delhi. Flashback. Shoot.", Kailash led the conversation.

"Hmm.. Yeah! So it was back in 1988. I was the leader of my troop and we were representing the Maharashtra National Cadet Corps", Amu started, as she sipped her coffee.

"Right madam, I know that. Further!", Kailash interrupted.

"Ok, straight to the point then. We were put up in Safdarjung, where we were led by Amit Sir. He was our trainer and guide and we were supposed to report to him", Amu said.

"So Amit was the guy? Eh?", Kailash sounded impatient and sarcastic.

"No. It was Amit Sir's son - Shekhar", Amu sighed as she talked about him.

"He was almost 6 feet tall. Dark, unlike the men I liked, and he had a dimpled chin", Amu said.

"Ok! And..", Kailash prodded.

"There was an evening when we were invited to Amit Sir's home for lunch. He invited more than 50 people. Shekhar was there too. He was probably preparing for his NDA entrance exams", Amu said.

"How old was he?", Kailash asked.

"He must have been 22 then, I think", Amu replied.
"Ohh... Sweet.. Then?", Kailash asked.

"He was amicable and decent. The perfect guy any woman would dream of. Most of the girls were smitten by him. But he chose to speak to me", Amu said "I had braces then, two plaits, and specs. Imagine", she added.

"You know how I looked, don't you?", she asked Kailash

"Hmm.. Ya.. I do remember those photographs that you showed me", Kailash replied.

"But we got along really well. For a week or so, he would come to the camp every evening and we would go to the India Gate and talk", Amu said.

"Just talk?? huh?", Kailash sounded probing. He smiled.

"No, not just talk!", Amu declared.

"Then? Tell me tell me!", Kailash sounded curious.

"He had a military jeep. I still remember my first kiss. Obviously it was with him, and that is the reason why he's my first love!", Amu smiled, relating the incident.

"So how was it?", Kailash sipped his coffee.

"Awesome! I never felt the braces came in between. It was gentle, yet nice. Surreal!", Amu slipped into the memories.

"And then. Did one thing lead to the other?", Kailash asked.

"Well, to tell you, we expressed in a way, which possibly was the supreme medium of expression. I think that's all you need to know", Amu said.

"So y'all had sex then?", Kailash asked, and laughed.

Amu smiled, "All guys are just the same! I was expecting you to get to that"

"Yes we had it", Amu said.

"What?? You did?? And you never told me?", Kailash sounded surprised.

"C'mon Kailash. I did not! I knew he just wanted to do it with me. So I stopped where I had to, because I realised, I was way too smitten by him, and nothing should go further. And if we were to do all that, I would have never been able to get over him", Amu said.

"So back then, you were the same sane, sensible female that I know now", Kailash sighed. "How sad, nothing happened.."

"Sad?? I am happy I left it there. I really was in love with him for a long time. I kept thinking about him, would try and look for his name in the paper, but then, I got busy with my studies and life, as you know, went on", Amu said.

"How do y'all know where you have to stop?", Kailash asked.

"I don't know about the others, but I know about myself. After all, love is not just about having sex. It's about a lot more!", Amu said.

"Really?", Kailash asked.

"Mmhmm.. Well.. It's really difficult to explain it to men, you know!", Amu teased Kailash.

"Yeah... Wish I could talk just once, to Prerna", Kailash thought about her.

"Hmmm.. Grow up now! You couldn't even talk to her. ", Amu said.

"I really don't want to grow up, Amu. It's fun this way.. Isn't it?", Kailash suggested.

"Sure it is. So much fun. I couldn't be more in love", Amu said.

"With?", Kailash asked.

Amu gave him a cold stare as she picked up the coffee mugs. Kailash pulled her towards him, while she freed herself, giving him an elbow push.

"What?? Where are you going? The evening has just begun!", Kailash said.

Amu gazed at him without smiling.

"Mohabbaton mein dikhaave ki dosti na milaa…..", Kailash began.

"Agar gale nahin miltaa to haath bhi na milaa", he ended.

Amu turned back and smiled. "Gimme 10 minutes. I’ll be back", she said, as Kailash booted his iPad and played his favorite media..

...to be contd..