Monday, February 13, 2012

Love, then and now - 1

"Weren't there times, when you used to feel jealous", she asked carrying forward the conversation, as she settled her specs promptly on her nose and looked through the frame.
"I did feel jealous. She would come to me, approach, like a magnet to a metal, and then talk to Vinit. I was like a transparent piece of human being", he explained.
"Lucky Vinit. But why wouldn't she talk to you?", she asked.
"Mm.. Well.. I would actually pretend to be engrossed in my notes. And Vinit would stand just looking at her, so she would approach him and talk to him", he said.

"Well, then why would she talk to you at all?", Amu said, laughing.

"Why not?", Kailash questioned.

"You need to have an eye contact first, to start a conversation. And you say you never looked at her", Amu asked.

"I did, Amu, else how would I be able to tell her how she looked like?", Kailash recollected her face, as he related it to Amu.
"How clearly do you remember her features, Kailash?", she asked further, laughing at his response.
"Very very clearly. She would never get off my mind then. Neither now!", he replied.
"Hmm", she pondered
"Amu, do you remember that Urdu poetry, I used to recite in college", Kailash asked.
"Which one?", she questioned trying to recollect.
"Mohabbat mein kya kare..something something", Kailash said.
"Marna bhi ijaazat lekar...", Amu added.
"Ya ya, right! Ohh that was a good good one!", Kailash said.
"Now you've started it! I won't be at peace until I recollect the entire thing!", Amu said.
"Hmm. I said it so many times on stage in college. Obviously for her.. and now...", Kailash started thinking about it.
"You think about her again, I am sure you'll be able to recollect it clearly", Amu suggested.
"Well Well.. It began something like this, correct me if I am wrong", Kailash said.
"Go ahead", Amu added.
"Mohobbat mein kare kyaa kuch kisi se ho nahi sakta", Kailash said.
"Marna bhi kya...", Kailash struggled.
"I think it's 'Mera Marna bhi toh meri khushi se ho nahi sakta", Amu added.
"Absolutely!! Mohabbat mein kare kya kuch kisi se ho nahi sakta / Mera Marna bhi toh meri khushi se ho nahi sakta", Kailash said it one go..
"Na rona hai tareeqe kaa.. na hasna hai saliqe kaa", Kailash recollected the lines.
"Pareshaani mein koi kaam", Amu added
"Ji se ho nahi sakta", they both said it aloud together.
"There! Perfect!", Kailash laughed, feeling satisfied.
"So you said this on stage for her?", Amu asked.
"Yes. But obviously I did not take her name!", Kailash replied.
"Why? Was her name that provocative?", Amu teased.
"Prerna!", Kailash sighed.
"Well, now I know, what her name did to you!", Amu teased him again.
"So you fantasized her all the time, huh!", Amu asked further.
"Who wouldn't Amu. She was so perfect. In all ways!", Kailash said.
"How do you know she was perfect?", she asked.
"Her eyes were the best pair, I've ever seen. Her svelte figure was as enchanting as.. Shakuntala. Her voice rung a bell in my heart. Her gait was so ecstatic, that I kept staring at her...even as she walked away...from me", Kailash sounded a bit low as he ended her description.
"Hmmm. But as a person? How was she?", Amu asked him.
"I never got to talk to her Amu!", Kailash sounded helpless.
"Then, how do you know she was perfect?", Amu asked again.
"She was. She just was. I know it", Kailash insisted.
"That's the problem with you men. You fall for looks, and then later regret over being in a relationship with a nagging female", Amu made her point.
"You are right! Well, I learnt it later, that it isn't just the exterior beauty that is important, but the beauty of the heart too is very important", Kailash sounded peaceful.
"So she was your first love, huh!", Amu asked.
"Yes, she was. I can never forget her. How can one forget their first love", Kailash expressed.
"Sure!", Amu said, as she slipped into a thought stream.
"Now it's your turn. Tell me about your first love", Kailash asked.
"Hmm.. Well, since that was the deal, let me tell you about him too. My first love..", Amu said.
"So I had been to New Delhi for NCC camp when I was 17", Amu started..
"Before you continue, would you mind me filling our cups with coffee again?", Kailash asked.
Amu smiled, as she took the mugs to get them filled with brewing coffee, fathoming the beautiful evening that had just gotten interesting. be contd.