Wednesday, February 08, 2012

An Appeal

Hello Readers,

After much deliberation, drama and pretence, I have again decided to make the blog public. I am not getting back to writing just for the heck of it. I am doing it because I realised, there are so many who take my writing positively, enjoy it, comment and go back a happy soul.

There are a few who create unnecessary controversies, spoil things which are meant to remain decent and comment otherwise. I had a very very bad experience and I had decided to stop writing altogether.

But I took it up, because I realised it is impossible to stop living. This is the way I live. And this is how I should continue to!

All my perfectly awesome readers, stop reading here.. Please don't read further!

And those who are continuing further, would know if this part is meant for you!

When I write something, I have my own inspirations for it, own motivation for it. If you find it inspiring and if you feel like empathising, please please do! But do not make my life a living hell, by creating a ruckus in my life.

I write to spread happiness, but if I get back hate and misunderstandings, I would really not like it.

I know lately, my writing has been bad, with a lot of typos, negativity. But I do not mean to take it out on you at all. I only mean to be creative, the way it should be. If I have ever sounded offending, please please STOP READING MY BLOG.

Because I will write what I want to, because this is my space! I never intentionally mean to upset anyone who stops by here, but if you are, please lower your expectations, and hop on to other blogs, incase I sound depressing!

And I request you to read, and keep the good points with you. Do not spread the negativity, if you find some here!

I am An Obscure Optimist, I learn optimism out of negativity. That's my way!

If you have any other way, please feel free to take it and spare me and my good readers!

This is one sincere request to all those you don't like me and my blog!

Meanwhile, I'll continue doing what I always did! - Stay Obscurely Optimistic!


PS: I have ended the Serial Fiction "The Gulmohar Tree and Rafey". Please pour in your comments, all good and bad. I shall be happy to have any criticisms too :D

PPS: I love you all <3