Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 11: Knowing each other

How difficult is it to know others? And how difficult it is to know yourself? You think you can totally understand the other person whereas you completely fail to understand youself. The more you run away from yourself, the more evident it becomes to the other person, that you are gullible.
Know thyself.

There are somethings which cannot be bought or you cannot make a deal with it. You have to just give 100% of honesty to make anything work.
There was somthing that kept Raji attached to Rafey. She was trying hard to figure out what that was. Was it the sudden encounter or was it the charm of the friendship which had faded with time, or was it a candid attraction between a boy and a girl.
She kept looking at Rafey, as he sipped his coffee. She did not quite like the way he held the cup. She wanted to ask him to correct it, but she chose not to.
She wanted to accept him the way he was, understand the feelings, introspect and conclude what was all the uneasiness about.
She said, " What do you prefer? Tea or Coffee?"
"Ofcourse Tea, Raji", Rafey replied.
"Why?", she asked.
"Rich people drink coffee. We are small people", Rafey replied.
"What's it about the rich and the poor. If you like coffee, you should drink coffee", she said.
"Yes, but I like tea", Rafey smiled.
"Is there a tea stall near the Gulmohar tree?", Raji wondered and asked Rafey.
"Sure there is. That's the reason why I wanted to take you there! Sit beneath the tree, sip a cutting and reminisce the good old days", Rafey said.
"So, lets go!", Raji said.
"Now? I got to go to work!", Rafey said.
"Second shift?", Raji asked.
"Yes", Rafey replied and smiled.
He kept looking at Raji and realised that the enforced arrogance was nothing but an attempt to hide her real self. She was more caring, softer and subtler as compared to what she portrayed.
"What are you looking at?", Raji asked.
"I am just trying to recollect your face as a 6 year old, and I am comparing the features!", Rafey replied pragamatically.
"Don't look so intently. You might fall in love with me", Raji mocked.
"Don't worry. I won't.", Rafey replied confidently.
"Why, are you already in love with someone else?", Raji asked.
"I don't know. But probably I'll get married to this girl called Afsha!", Rafey replied.
"Af.. sha?", Raji stammered.
"Yeah!", Rafey replied.
"Then what about us?", Raji asked.
"Who said we are getting married, Raji. We are just reviving our old friendship. I would want to share the old bond with you, love you like I did when we were kids, save you when you are in trouble and spend my birthdays with you!", Rafey replied, sounding exactly as they had fixed some time ago.
"And what if we fall in love? Won't you like to stay with me?", Raji asked.
"I don't know how to deal with your stupidity. I am sure we are not going to end up the way you are fancying. We will just become good friends again." Rafey said.
"Really?", Raji questioned.
"Absolutely. This isn't a game. We cannot play Husband-Wife, just because we couldn't play when we were kids. Grow up. It takes a lot to get married. I am a Pizza Delivery boy. You are a successful RJ. Your parents are socially renowned. There is a lot to consider", Rafey said.
"Why are you so sorted out?", Raji asked.
"If you ask me, I'd say, I really ain't! It takes a lot of guts to select the right path, despite knowing that the wrong has all the pleasures", Rafey said.
"What do you mean by pleasures?", Raji questioned with a naughty askance.
"I mean, bank balance, car, house, you see", Rafey looked up to make an eye contact with Raji.
"Ah, I see", Raji replied, disappointed by Rafey's reaction.
"What did you think?", Rafey questioned as he signalled for the cheque.
"Nothing. And yeah, allow me to pay", Raji said.
Rafey simply smiled, looked at her and said, "I earn too. Allow me."
Raji couldn't help but recollect features of Shareeq Miyaa as she looked at Rafey.
"Your face reminds me of Shareeq Miyaa", Raji said.
"I am his son!", Rafey joked, "I ought to look like him", he added.
"You have a very sharp nose and deep eyes", Raji commented.
Rafey smiled.
"You look good!", Raji said.
Rafey kept smiling.
"When do we meet again?", Raji asked, as she observed Rafey take out his wallet and pay the bill.
"Whenever you say. I felt great after meeting you, talking to you.. and.", Rafey said, losing out on words.
Raji simply smiled.
"Come over to my place for dinner. I'll cook some interesting Chicken",Rafey offered.
"I'd love to! Mom and Dad are out of town, so I can come for dinner", Raji sounded excited.
"Chachu will be so happy to see you", Rafey said.
Raji smiled.
"So 1 month it is, huh!", Rafey asked.
"Yes, I am sure with dinner meetings and coffee breaks like these, we will surely have a great time", Raji said.
"And after 1 month?", Rafey asked.
"We will see", Raji replied.

The meeting ended and both of them headed to their respective workplaces. The silence was broken, finally, and the attempt to revive the old friendship had taken off.
Rafey on his way to work wondered how crazy an idea would it be to give a time of 1 month to make things work. He was a kind of a person who believed that relationships develop over a period of time. No relationship can reach a peak in 1 month and with mutual consent, diminish, instantly.
Raji on her way to work thought, how could she convince Rafey that they were meant to be together for life. She wondered how could she make things work in 1 month, so that Rafey is convinced that indeed they were meant to be together.
While they tried to play with life, time and their destinies, nature conspired something else for them.