Wednesday, November 02, 2011

In love with you...and you too..

Shantaram has always inspired me to change the way I think. Not modify my outlook altogether, but it sure has influenced the way I thought about a few things.
Love was one of them. Always!

Somewhere in the book, it is quoted that loving someone and being in love are two different things. You can love more than one person at a time, but be in love with just one?

Imagine a situation. Let's not call it adultery. But then there is a female, who says she loves her man dearly, and there's another man who is a very important person in her life, say her best friend, or a colleague at work, with whom she gets along really well. And she says, she is in love with the man she is romantically involved with, and loves the friend whom she talks to.

Does being in love result in romantic involvement necessarily. Or one can be in love too, without any romantic involvement?

My question to the readers is

1. Can you be in love with more than one person?

2. Is romantic involvement necessary if you are in love with a person?

3. Is loving someone and being in love different?

Been a while there was an activity on the blog! So here's one.. :)