Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a philosopher! But then who isn't?

I read this post on Philosophy of Philosophies on The Pensive Bowl and it got me thinking.

Why do some people think that Philosophy is bullshit? Some  hate philosophy, and some say that philosophy doesn't make sense to them.

What is philosophy, afterall?

I wouldn't want to delve on the dictionary meaning, but let's apply some logic here.

Talk about philosophers like Plato or Nietzsche or Mahatma Gandhi or for that matter, me - An Obscure Optimist! :P Kidding!

What did they do?
The former three talked a lot about life, and how?
They saw things, perceived them, analyzed them, came to a conclusion and shared their views about life and situations.

It made sense to the others, and they got written about. The written stuff, and their conclusion about life, got circulated so far and wide, that it became the basis and principle of philosophy. And that happened because people happened to agree and accept what the philosophers said!

How did they perceive the things? By asking questions How, Why, and What.

And how many of us don't do that? I think most of us do it!

For example, say, you appear for one of those interesting entrances for MBA college and flunk.
Haven't you ever questioned, "Why me?"

If you haven't questioned, am sure you must have atleast thought, "Never mind, I believe something better is written for me, destined for me"

If you have put a thought or brooded over anything trying to reach a conclusion, you have philosophised.

It may not be regarded as some great stuff to be published or be discussed. It may be just your take on life. It is entirely your philosophy, your wisdom, your conclusion.
And there is nothing right or wrong about it. They are just your views and opinions!

Now coming to the dictionary meaning of Philosophy. It says, philosophy is a pursuit of wisdom.

And who wouldn't think of himself/herself to be wise? Our philosophies make sense only to us, and when we try to preach it, it becomes bullshit.

So moral of the story is:

1. If you have ever pondered or thought over anything, you are a philosopher.

2. If you have asked questions "Why, What, How", you are a philosopher.

3. If you have tried to preach or advice or impose any of your thoughts and approach on anyone else, you sure are the inventor of your own bullshit and congrats, you are a philosopher!

If there is anybody who doesn't fit in the any of the above mentioned categories, then come, lemme kiss your hand and put you in a retreat centre for brainless and heartless retards! :D