Friday, November 04, 2011

I am an Obscure Optimist

Who is an optimist? One who sees the glass half full? Yeah, that's how the defintion goes.

And who is a pessimist? One who sees the glass half empty..!! Right?

And who is An Obscure Optimist then? One who sees the glass half empty initially, doubts - why isn't it half full, but then feels really thankful, alteast there is some water to quench the thirst.

I happily gulp down the half glass and feel good about it.

So, for me, the optimism slowly makes a way through pessimism. I see the negativity first, I doubt, and then I see the positive side.

You know what works better here? It makes me appreciate the beauty of life after all the negativty.

I don't say I am a die hard optimist. I would want to be one, but unless one sees the negativity, it is very difficult to appreciate the positivity.

I remember so many discussions I had with a very good friend of mine. We would talk about the fact that why isn't a human being inherently happy.

If I have a scooter, I am happy until a few days after I get it, then a while later, I complain. I want a car. I am 'not happy' with a scooter anymore. I look at someone driving a car, and wish how I had one too!
The urge to increase the limit of your happiness, causes sadness.

Basically, if wishes and desires never existed, we'd be happy, with only being Alive. Life in itself is so beautiful, it gives so much happiness to see the wonderful things around.
But mind usually causes the harm. And I accept, my mind has caused me some major destruction.

Heart only feels, mind interprets. Eyes only see, mind sketches dreams, nose takes in beautiful fragrances, mind registers 'attraction'.
It's the mind, that is the culprit. And nobody on this earth can be a pure, genuine optimist.

One has to fight the negativity initially and embrace the beautiful brightness of positivity.

I am a reasonably honest person. If I say I am 100% honest, I wouldn't sound credible. :P
I accept all my faults, deal with my weaknesses and attempt sincerely to become a better human being.
My friends, who've known me for a while, would agree and see the intermittent developments and un-developments in my nature.

A very respected senior of mine once said, if you are travelling on a road, towards your destination, and you stop by a very beautiful scenery, would you stop by and just admire the beauty and not move on? You will be stuck anyway, won't you?
Same is the case with life and human evolution. When you are good, when you feel good, doesn't mean you have become the perfect person.

One has to move on, also experience the road bumps, face illogical behaviour, negative feeling, rejection, heartbreaks, see your negative side.
And when you have seen a patchy road, you still move on towards your destination expecting a scenery, don't you?

My random mood swings, frustrations, desperations, are just a fact, that I am moving on and not staying stuck to an illusion of a beautiful life. I cannot be held back by good gestures, pretty illusions nor by negativity and frustrations.
I am glad, that after so many miserable thoughts and behavior, I always wake upto to optimism.

And I thank the love in my heart, for that.

It makes me believe, I am in love, makes me believe I am alive!

Why call me anything else, then?

I am an Obscure Optimist! :)