Friday, November 18, 2011

Have you ever...??

Have you ever seen a dog hang his face out of a moving car, and feel the wind against his face?
Have you realised,that dogs, actually smile when they do that?
Have you done that yourself?

Has any infant stared at you, until you thought you were being ogled at?
Has the infant looked deep into your eyes, over his/her mother's shoulder and stared as if he/she knew you for ages?
Have you ever thought, that probably this little kid, in his last birth was my ...loved one?

Have you ever crossed a busy cross road, by taking your bike/car recklessly without watching either left or right?
Have you felt that mad rush of anger within when you wanted to hit yourself with something on the road and make it seem like  a crazy accident?
Have you ever punished yourself?

Have you ever sung a karaoke in public, when you were obviously aware of your depressing singing abilities?
Have you thought about someone while singing a song?
Have you ever dedicated a song to someone?

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt bad?
Has your stomach hurt so bad while laughing that you felt the need to pee?
Have you ever peed while laughing?? Or seen anyone do it?

Have you ever spent time with a friend and said nothing?
Have you ever sat silently and just felt that you've had the best conversation ever, like they say?
Have you ever done this, and missed your friend because it had been a while you experienced it and feel like doing it again?

Have you ever lived, wondering what is the purpose of life?
Have you ever thought whether it is necessary to have a purpose?
Do you have one?

Have you given up something (an activity) you love the most?
Do you miss doing it?
Have you put in efforts to take it up again??

Have you ever...???