Monday, November 28, 2011

Chapter 4: Lost and Found

Some people run away from memories. Some run away from dreams, some just run away from everything because they fear that their weaknesses might be exposed.
If we learn to face our past, present and future with the similar audacity, then we have lived well.
RJ rushed to the reception, but it was too late. Rafey had already left by then. She wondered; whether he was her childhood friend Rafey, or was it a co-incidence that another guy has the same name?
She went back to the Radio station and continued RJing.
She said, “I remember the time when I was a kid. I had a very good friend – my best friend. I lost him eventually.” She halted.
“No no, I mean he is still alive, and smartly so. He looks really handsome”, she recollected Rafey’s face and sketched his features in her mind.
She continued, “But he left us to shift to the other part of the city. I moved out to pursue my education, made new friends, and I thought I never missed him much”, she went on.
“And today, friends, I realize I truly missed him all this while. I want to see him again. Know how he had been all these days”, she sounded profound.
“Don’t you ever feel the same about your childhood friends? Did you ever have that ONE real close friend, with whom, you’ve grown up?” she stopped again.
“Are you still in touch with them? Do you feel like knowing how they’d been all this while? Do you ever get nostalgic? For all those who say yes, all those who say no, and all those who are still wondering what I am talking about, here’s the last song of the day ‘Seasons in the Sun, by Westlife’.. Enjoy..”, RJ concluded.
RJ speculated how she could get in touch with him. She was a famous RJ and he was just a Pizza delivery boy. She thought about ways to make him come again to deliver Pizza. She then wondered that they usually don’t eat Pizzas everyday at work. How could she see him again and confirm that he was indeed Rafey, Shareeq Miya’s son, her confidante, her long lost best friend.
Her mind knitted thoughts and plans, but none seemed executable.
“Rafey, there is a way to handle such people”, Shekhar said.
“How, I don’t know”, Rafey sounded apologetic.
“We always have a timer. Your counter showed a time and the moment you reached there, you stopped it. Always remember one thing, on your way to the customer, give them a call. When you are in the lift, or climbing the stairs, parking your bike, whenever. Just give them a call to confirm where they are ”, Shekhar advised.
“Ok. I would have reached there before time, had I known that the office has shifted to the 17th floor”, Rafey defended himself.
“Sure, you are very correct. That’s why you should have called them while you were on your way. This gives the customer a feeling that their order is on its way and they don’t mind waiting”, Shekhar added.
“Hmm. I understand”, Rafey learnt the nuances.
“And still if some of them behave that weirdly, we really can’t help it. Just try your best to reach on time, and even if they trouble you, we might have to deal with it differently. But never raise your voice, or fight, Ok?”, Shekhar urged.
“Yes, I get that Shekhar. I would never do that”, Rafey sounded reassuring.
“I trust you Rafey. You are a good boy”, Shekhar boosted his morale.
“Thanks, Shekhar. Now what about the payment?”, Rafey asked.
“This time, we will deduct only half the amount from your salary. Half the outlet shall pay. If you want you can work extra hours on weekends and get away with the deduction too”, Shekhar said.
“Yes, I prefer the latter. I will work on weekends. But don’t cut my pay”, Rafey proposed.
Shekhar looked at him, gauged his dedication and smiled. “All right”, he added.
“That ways I’ll get a chance to practice better”, Rafey innocently appended.
Shekhar patted his back, gave him a semi-hug and left.
After a lot of thinking and contemplation, RJ called up the pizza outlet.
“Domino’s?”, RJ asked.
“Yes Ma’am, your order please?”, Manjeet asked.
“I had called sometime ago to enquire about the Pizza delivery boy who delivered the pizza late at GK’s office”, RJ asked.
“Yes Ma’am. We have registered your complaint and we are working on it”, Manjeet said.
“Ok. I want to know where does he stay?”, RJ asked.
“I am sorry ma’am. I don’t understand why you are asking about him? We assure you that we will take care of his carelessness and we shall deliver pizza on time”, Manjeet said.
“Tell me what I ask. I am not gonna sue him or anything. I feel bad about the way I behaved, so I want to know where he stays and whether he can deliver pizza in MEGA locality. That’s where I stay”, RJ sounded completely confused and made up line after line and finally concluded “,So tell me where does he stay?”
“He stays near the railway station. And sure he can deliver Pizza wherever you want”, Manjeet said.
“Ok. I am Rajshri Ahuja from MEGA. Make sure, the next time I place an order, Rafey comes to deliver it. Ok?”, RJ said arrogantly, ordering the customer executive to fulfill her order. “Remember my name. Rajshri Ahuja”, she said.
“Sure Ma’am. We assure you of our best services”, Manjeet said and hung the call.
RJ wondered what was it that was eating her up from within. The anger, the longing, the desperation, or simply the long lost love.