Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chapter 2: The Pizza Boy

For some people, humility is their biggest strength, for some it’s their biggest weakness. The one who learns to take censure with dignity and success with modesty usually goes a long way in life.
"This is RJ RJ for you this morning.  How are the Dahlings doing? The parasitic attack on my cupboard last night rendered all my hand bags useless. I have decided not to carry them anymore. It’s beautiful and oh-so-in to not carry handbags.
Ask me where do I keep my belongings then? I leave them at work, tuck a 500 note in my jeans, I do look like a jerk, when it’s just me with all the sheen.. I have a wrist watch that ticks, I have no more fancy lipsticks, I put my phone around my waist, and I never forget things in haste..”
That’s the joy my dear friends, of carrying less baggage. If you got some!, Let go! You know what I mean?”, RJ looked outside her cabin through the glass pane and signaled for 1 Chicken Mexicana. Her boss nodded in agreement and gave thumbs up.
“So, the first song for the day on Angrezi hits is my favorite retro track by Celine Dion, I am alive. Enjoy”, RJ finished the update, loaded the song and got up from the seat to talk to the staff of her radio station that had just started to come in.
“Agony aunt, what a blissful thought this morning, Wow”, said Dexter.
“Right, dude. One needs something interesting to come up with every morning. You get the script done for me, if you find oblique counseling so boring”, RJ replied.
“RJ’s a hit, guys. The English music section that we introduced early morning is being received really well. She is doing a great job”, said GK, the head.
“See. Collars up!”, RJ said, as she munched a cookie, she’d picked up from the common table.
“Dexter. Keep the time. If the pizza comes even a second late, I am gonna make the delivery boy pay”, RJ said and went off to work again.
Rafey parked his vehicle outside the Domino’s Pizza outlet and saw himself in the rear view mirror. He set his hair, mocked a decent smile, tucked his shirt in, and entered the shop.
“Sir, I am joining today as a delivery boy. I was asked to meet Mr. Manjeet”, Rafey said coolly, as he gauged the area and stared at the indigo blue that represented the brand.
“Hi Rafey. Come here. Meet Shekhar. He will be your mentor for this month. He will tell you how to go about the entire process. Incase of any doubts please contact me”, Manjeet said, as he came towards Rafey giving him a warm welcome.
Rafey nodded and took some notes while Shekhar guided him through the entire process. As a practice drill, he was asked to take calls from customers with the support of his seniors. He was already doing a good job, and the seniors found a trusted resource in him.
“We have an order for 4 pizzas, large, to be delivered at GK’s office at Kalyani Nagar. You should go Rafey. I have told you all that you should know, ok?”, Shekhar said.
“You can easily make it to his office in 10 minutes. Remaining 10 minutes are for finding the place, climbing stairs, lift etc, and finding the actual room”, Shekhar guided him, “Make sure you are not late, otherwise you will have to pay the bill”, Shekhar warned.
“And yeah, be courteous. I have told you everything. Any doubt?”, Shekhar looked at Rafey as he started to pick up the order to be delivered.
Rafey nodded and replied, “No Sir. No doubts”.
“Call me Shekhar”, Shekhar said, and smiled.
Rafey left with four large pizzas, placed them in the box which was attached to his new bike and went off to Kalyani nagar for his first delivery. As he rode past the huge buildings, he thought, what it would be like to work in one such office.
While he approached the Sinha Towers, he saw his watch. He had taken about 15 minutes to reach the destination. He had just five minutes to make it to the customers.
He looked for the lift to the B wing of the building. He waited for about a minute or more until it came down. He pressed 12, as looked nervously at his watch. He had just 2 minutes to make it to the floor and deliver the pizza.
He finally reached level 12, and looked for the names of the offices. He spotted, Radio One – Gaurav Khanna, and rushed in the left direction.
He counted the seconds left. 50.. he rushed to see a notice saying, Office shifted to 17th Floor.
He rushed to the lift, saw the stop watch and saw that he had just 35 seconds in hand. He wouldn’t have been able to make it.
Luckily he got the lift and rushed out on Level 17.
The Radio One office’s entrance was right in front of him. He reached the reception and saw his stop watch go 3..2…1.. He had reached there on time.
He rung the bell at the reception but no one answered. He knocked, but no one came out.
He wondered what to do next. He called Shekhar to ask what he could do. Shekhar asked him to call the customer and update.
He dialed the number which was present in his database.
“Hello. Madam, the Pizza is at your Door”, Rafey sounded casual and he smiled as he spoke.
“Stay where you are. Dare you move”, RJ said.
Rafey, stood there confused, as he tried to understand what the lady on the phone intended to say.
“Hey you”, she called out.
Rafey turned back, surprised. be contd…
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