Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chapter 1: Just Another Morning

After 18 years:
There are some people who remain happy, no matter what. For them, the purpose of life is to live each day to the fullest. They count their blessings and thank God for the all things bright and beautiful.
There are some, who have everything, but they find reasons to be unhappy. It’s all about how you live at the end of the day and what you feel in that one moment between consciousness and the instant you slip into the state of sleep.
It was a fine day. The sunshine pierced his forehead and kissed him pleasant morning.
Rafey, got up and stared at the sun straight outside the window. He struggled to open his eyes; he winced and decided to continue sleeping. As soon as he pulled the blanket over him, he heard a knock on the door.
“Wake up, asshole. How can you stay in bed for so so long?”, the voice called out.
“Hmmmm”, Rafey hummed and stretched.
“At least let me clean the room. I don’t know how well you keep my house.”,the voice said, yelling in sarcasm.
“It’s already clean, Chacha jaan. Lemme sleep for a while”, Rafey replied, ignoring the repetitive knocks on the door.
“Are you opening the door, or should I break through? This is my last warning”, the voice sounded fierce.
Rafey immediately got up and rushed to the door, opened it, rubbed his eyes and saw Mansoor holding a cup of tea for him.
“Chacha, what’s the problem with you?”, Rafey questioned.
“Nothing. After your father died, I promised to his departed soul, that I would take care of you. And now that you’ve grown young and, Mashallah, strong, I think you should take your life seriously”, Mansoor Chacha commented.
“It’s my duty to tell you all this, isn’t it?”, he added.
“It’s just 6.30. My work begins at 10.30 am. They called me half an before. Which means 10. T E N, Chacha!! Get that?”, Rafey sounded sleepy.
“You scoundrel. Get the fuck going, right now. Gulp this tea and get lost”, Mansoor screamed.
“Stop swearing all the time, Chachu. It’s early morning and you are already uttering dirt”, Rafey preached.
“Ya allah. You ask me not to love you anymore? How is that possible?”, Mansoor counter questioned.
“This is how you love? Lucky me”, Rafey shrugged in disgust.
“Take this tea, get dressed. …..And you can take my bike today”, Mansoor sounded a little soft this time as he offered his prized asset to Rafey.
“Thanks Chachu”, Rafey hugged Mansoor and went straight to the common bath to get ready for his first day at work.