Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wrong Leap

My sister's batch is giving a fresher's party to the new admissions in their college.
Since I have always boasted of my extra curricular stints, my sister, called me up and asked me to guide her on a few events.
It's been 4 years that I am out of college and I haven't done anything creative in a while.

She asked "Tell me a good name for the fresher's event"

I began with "Jhankaar, Josh, Crescendo, Chrysalis"

She said, "They are all taken by the other college for their events. We cannot repeat the names"

So I did the age old trick of translating pretty English words into Latin and Greek to get some attractive names.
I ended up with "Amplexus" which meant "Embrace".

So I thought what can be more apt than an Embrace for the freshers. That is how we welcome our new friends. So I justified and suggested the name and my sister and her college mates really liked it.
I was glad I could use my brains creatively and be of some help to these college students.
So all pretty invitations were prepared with the name Amplexus! I kinda felt proud of myself too.

Then this morning, my sister calls me up and asks "Are you sure Amplexus means welcome?"

I replied, "Sure it does, why?", meanwhile I opened the Google and searched for the actual meaning.

My sister said "Amplexus means the copulating act of the Frogs. What the F***!!"

I was embarrassed, so I confirmed, and indeed it said "Amplexus (Latin "embrace") is a form of pseudocopulation in which a male amphibian grasps a female with his front legs as part of the mating process."

Shhaayyy... poor freshers would almost have been classified as Frogs, had the event name been Amplexus!!

I blame it all on my education!! I should have taken Biology atleast until 12th :(

Now the event's name is Nexus!

Yes, I suggested this one again! And I am fearing a reprimand on this one too.. :P

God save me!!