Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Do I fear?

Photo Courtesy: Pooja Cornelius

She boarded the next metro that arrived and headed towards nowhere. She had no clue where she was going.

"How long will you run away?"

"As long as I can. I don't want to go back there. Again!"

"But that's what is best for you!"

"You don't tell me what is good, better, best for me. I decide it for myself, ON MY OWN!!"

"Right! Drink till your liver rots then"

"I will. How do you care about me?"

"I really don't. But I think, our daughter does. She is one little soul who understands everything you do, everything I say."

"Yes... Alright. Leave me in peace"

While she recollected the spat she had with her husband some hours ago, she lighted another cigarette and suddenly realised that she was in the metro train.
The Fire Alarm caused the train to stop and she was asked to get down.
The cops at the station started interrogating.

She said, "I am Kavita. Kavita Mehra. Kavita Anil Mehra"
She was allowed to go.

While she covered the distance between the platform and the closest seating area, a book from her bag fell. She picked it up and a fact hit her hard - Loneliness!

She took her phone and dialled a number, "Hello... GoodLife Retreat Home?"