Friday, September 30, 2011

Need vs Want

Photo Courtesy: Pooja Cornelius

"Ken, how much would a mobile phone cost?"

"Some hundred thousand dollars"

"How much is a hundred thousand dollars?"

"It's a huge money. My Grampa used to earn thhhaaattt much.."

"He did??.. Wow!!"

"But why do you want a mobile phone"

"I want to stay in touch with.."


"I don't know..I just want it. Everbody has it."

"You are right Betty. I think I want it too!"


"Yes Kid.. tell me..what is it now?"

"Do you have hundred thousand dollars"

"You bet.. Son.. If I had that, I wouldn't be here with your Gramma.."

"What do you mean, Grampa.."

"Ah. Chuck it kid. Tell me why do want that much of money"

"We want a mobile phone."

"Oh.. I see.. and what would you need that for?"

"To keep in touch with Betty.. Isn't it gurl.. you tell him too."

"Yes Grampa. I need a mobile too."

"Come, sit down here. Keeping in touch has better ways too. Mobile phone is really really bad. We use it because we are old. Our Brains are already dying. You don't want a dull brain, do ya?"

"No.. we don't. But why do mum and dad use it?"

"Because they are very busy, and they don't anyway use their brains!"

"Hmmm... I get you grampa.."

"And if you want to keep in touch with Betty, write letters."

"We do it in our creative writing class already. I don't wanna do it again."

"It's really fun, you know. Try doing it."

"Alright. If you say so.Come Betty, lets write each other letters"

"Yes, Ken. Get us a paper pad, Grampa, Won't you?"

"Right away kids!"