Monday, September 05, 2011

Girlfriends - Part 5

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"So all said done, my friend
A human is never satisfied
Be it spouse, children, money or health
we all want it glorified"

"It's been a wonderful change
in the daily chores that I do
I think, I feel amazing
When I sit and talk to you"

"That's what friends are for
to hear out what you say"
"We love like crazy, we are mad women
And we sometimes have our way"

"How I wish men would have
an iota of our heart"
"If they did, they would have it all
then what would be my part?"

"Yes, for this and more
I could keep coming back to you"
"Atleast you would understand what I mean
When I choose lavender over blue"

"But now while we wait for that to happen
let me call my dude
I'll have to ask him to take his medicines
without being very rude"

"And I have to go back home
to mend his shirts and boots
He said he wanted some caramel pudding
when I insisted on some fruits"

"Back to square one, we got no choice
We have to seek our fate"
"But time and again, I'll meet you, girl
You make me feel so great"

"And so do you, sweetheart
It's affection, so different, you see"
"I love you so much, and shall always do
just the way you love me"

"A deep desire and a silly wish
I hope sometime it comes true"
"Somewhere in the eternity
I get to spend my life with you"

The End