Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I was going from Kothrud to JM road on my Car-dio and I happened to cross a circle near FC road. The traffic was such that for every milimeter displacement of vehicle I would get a sense of Euphoria.

So inch by inch we moved and I happened to overhear a conversation. I turned back to see who was talking, and I spotted two guys on a Pulsar.

I couldn't keep my eyes glued on them, so I concentrated my ears on them, while I also made my way through the traffic.

Guy 1: "Aiseich turn liya uss truck ne jaise apan le rahe na"

Guy 2: "Hao kya... bey..."

Guy 1: "Fir wo ekdam nai chaka chak civic ko ghaseet te gaya. Kya mahol gaadi thi

Guy 2: "Arrrrr"

Guy 1: "Aur wo Civic waale ko bhi chool machi thi. Wo bhi daba ke nikaalra gaadi"

Guy 2: "Ghis dala kya poora?"

Guy 1: "Hao na.. Pooraich"

Meanwhile, I was paving through the traffic and finding my way out, and also wondering, why was I having so much fun eavesdropping.

I wanted the conversation to go on, but the traffic cleared and the incessant horns forced me to give them side. I thought,I better have a look at the guys, incase I knew them, because the conversation was so familiar, the warmth was so similar.

I let the guys on the bike overtake. They went past by me pretty fast. I couldn't notice them properly.

I looked at the bike and a nice MH31 smiled back at me!

"Woich toh", I thought!!

Sigh...!! Nagpur!!