Friday, August 12, 2011

What's the price?

A friendship's day card - Around 50 bucks. Make it 4 - 200 bucks!

Petrol required to go to the shop, then to the post office to post -  Around 40 bucks

Stamps, Courier Charges - Umm... A total of 150 bucks? Ya! 150 bucks

Buying a letter pad - 60 bucks

A new pen - 50 bucks

Writing Letters - 2 hours (Time is money!)

Waiting for a reaction - 2 - 5 days (So much time is a lot of money!)

A thank you phone call from a friend - Some more time!! But a "Wow" finally!

The look on the face of your friend, the excitement, the tears, the joy - Priceless!

I couldn't be there to wish you personally, but I hope you know what you all mean to me!

Thanks for being such Perfect Friends!