Friday, August 12, 2011

The 'U' factor

The other day my Team Leader was telling me about her 2 year old daughter who has learnt a new way of calling people.

The 4 year old guy in her apartment is called "Rishi Dadu", instead of "Rishi Dada".

And instead of calling her father "Baba", she calls him "Babu".

Now, "Aai-Baba", in Marathi culture, are out of fashion, my TL says, so she imbibed in her daughter to call her Mumma instead of Aai but she couldn't force her enough to call her father Pappa, instead of Baba.

After repeated attempts, instead of Baba, she started calling her father Pappa.

But that eventually became Pappu.

Now, the fathers, usually, are Pappus for their darling daughters, aren't they?