Monday, August 01, 2011

Two Eyelashes

Something that stuck in my eye
was troubling me
I rubbed my eyes very hard so that
clearly,I could see

I blinked once and twice to
get my vision back
A box looked like, books
piled up in a stack

I looked around and realised
something still hurt my eye
Was it dust, a lash inside
or was it a naughty fly

A splash of water in the eye
eased out the pain
I looked so glad that finally I could
get rid of the strain

I gladly rubbed the eye again
all dreams I could stash
and when I tried to see once more
I saw two pretty eye lash

They lay on my index finger
throwing out a cheer
"One wish, two wish, Come on!"
We'll do it for you dear!

I quickly thought of a silent wish and
blew them in the air
Two beautiful, sincere wishes of love
of bliss and of care

Two eyelashes dived along
merrily in the wind
They said "You'll get what you deserve
and all the pleasant things"