Wednesday, August 03, 2011

To my long lost ones

It's the friendship's day week, and this week and day takes me straight to my school days.  There are some afternoons, when I think, what did I do at this time, when I was in class 9, or 10.

The boring history lessons, the interesting English classes were all so much fun. The Geography-cum-Etiqutte class, the Math-cum-Motivation class, were all so interesting.

There are a few incidences which are written down in golden words in my scrap book.
To name a few and rekindle the memories, I present to you top 5 incidences of SJC batch, 2001 which have secured place in my scrap book!

5. Star: Kritika Chatterjee

Kritika Chatterjee resigning from the post of Assistant Monitor, because she thought her studies were being affected and she wouldn't come first anymore! Sigh!

Kritika, Peace! <3

4. Star: Adiba Khanam and Tulip Estebeiro.

Our classroom was cramped, class 10 D, and we were 62 girls sitting in one class. Adiba and Tulip always took the last bench. The last bench had a window exactly behind it, and the window had no grills, so these girls would enter and exit not from the door, but from the window. Our neighbouring class was equally naughty but they had a stricter class teacher, Ma'am Joan Martin. She would speak flawlessly in a Tamil accent.

So Adiba would be tired of sitting and listening to the lectures of the teachers, so as soon as one period would end, she would jump out of the window and alert the class about the displacements and approaches of teachers. One day, while jumping inside through the window, Ma'am Joan Martin caught her.  So she was asked to come out. Being a daredevil, brave heart, Adiba, instead of coming out of the door, again took the window and hopped out.

Holding her responsible for disgracing the convent education and teachings, Ma'am Joan punished her and made her stand outside the class.

Little did she know, that it wasn't a punishment actually, it was a treat, a good break from the regular lectures. I think Adiba missed Ma'am Surekha's geography period. The climbing out of the window act, I think was totally worth it, for her!

Adi, Tulip: You are rockstars!

3. Star: Saloni Sood

You remember Mowgli? From Rudyard Kipling's Jungle book? So, we had a chapter in English called "Mowgli and the bandar log". Our English teacher was Sr. Joyce. She thought she was a great teacher.

Sure she was, but really a great one for standard 1 kids. How did we deduce that?
When she was reading this chapter to us, instead of explaining subtler points and grammar, she was actually enacting the entire scene.

In one of the scenes, the bandar log swing from one tree to the other to reach for something (I don't remember), so she thought of herself as a monkey, one of bandar logs, and swung across from the platform she was standing on, straight to her desk, toppling over.

We all broke into a laughter. The bandar log swung not once, but twice or thrice and so did Sr. Joyce. We kept looking at her feet, then her hands, and then her face. She depicted the act so well.

That one lesson, we never forgot, and it remained imbibed so strong in Saloni, that every time we felt like reliving the act, Saloni would climb up the platform and swing like Sr.Joyce did, I mean swing like the bandar log did, and explain us the chapter!

And icing on the cake would be Saloni saying "The Bannddarrr log wend from one tree to the other", in a total Mallu accent, copying Sr. Joyce to the T.

Saloni: Mwaaah!

2. Star: Michelle Pinto

We would write the topic of the subject to be studied, on the board, as soon as one period ended and the next began. We were in class 10, 10 D to be precise, and after our Physics period, we had our Hindi class. We were waiting for Ma'am Madhu Shukla. This used to be one period, when we would take liberty to act crazy, because the teacher wasn't very strict.

So Michelle went up to the Green Board and wrote "Hindi","Paath 17 : Lota leke Lautna"
We did not specifically notice it in one go. But one of us, saw what was written on the board and panicked, "Ma'am will be here any moment, and the chapter name is not "Lota leke lautna", it is "Lautna aur Lautna".

Michelle insisted that the chapter name be kept as it is. But a few of us who were really scared of punishments, insisted on getting it changed.

So, two events happened in the same time frame "Lota being changed to Lautna" and Ma'am Madhu Shukla entering the class.

Eventually the class started and ended peacefully with intermittent chuckles.
But till date, we are still looking for the contents of the chapter called "Lota leke lautna".

Michelle: Jahapana tussi great ho.. Taufu kabool karo..

1. Star: Jenny Abraham and Ma'am Susan

I just needed to mention them. I cannot disclose the incidence! People who were a part of this would know! But this tops my list!

I love you Jenny!

I would always have one classmate tie a very special friendship band to me every year. I don't know how good a friend she was to me, because I never knew her much.

Today, she crossed my mind while I wrote about chronicles of class 10 D. She isn't around anymore. She is resting in perpetual bliss. Happy Friendship's day Sonia Jambhulkar.

To all my school friends: Have a very special Friendships' Week..

PS: and don't forget,if Sunday is Friendship's day then Monday is......

Yes... Enemy Day...Remember???  :D :D :D