Thursday, August 04, 2011

No Kidding

This is another incidence from my Tiruppur visit.

We used to get brunch there, as prasad and we would have to stand in queues for that. I, actually, never minded standing in queue, waiting for the prasad. Meanwhile, I would chat with people around, observe kids, make friends and smile at everyone who would pass by with a plate in hand.
One day, the queue was pretty big and there was this cute kid, aged 4, called Srikar, standing in the queue along with his parents and uncles. To keep the kid engaged, so that he doesn't become cranky, his uncles and his father showed him a trick.

His father, picked up a pebble from the ground and kept it in one of his hands, and asked Srikar which hand did he think had the pebble. Everytime he guessed, it turned out to be wrong.

Frustrated, he asked his uncle to coax his father to let the secret out. So his father, taught him how to hide the small pebble between the fingers and make the other person wonder where the pebble was.

Srikar tried it once, but the pebble fell down, the second time, he did, his uncle would point out the pebble and ask him to do it more intelligently.

The kid tried to hide the pebble between his tiny fingers. He did a good job, but his father and his uncle would spot it and spoil his trick.

Srikar's repeated attempts were a sight to watch. He then, went on to the other people standing in the queue and offered to show the trick, but he wasn't successful.

Finally he came back to his father and pulled his hands and asked him to show how he hid the pebble so conveniently. His father showed him a step by step process.

Realising that it was the size of the palm and fingers, which gave the advantage to his father, he started pulling his father's hand and yelled

"Give it to me, give it to me"

"What?", his father asked, struggling to resist the pull.

"I want your hands, the trick will then work well, Srikar needs your hand, Pa", the kid yelled.

I began laughing, because I picturized a small Gabbar Singh asking Thakur for his hands.

Just that Srikar spoke in English, but trust me it was a "Ye haath mujhe de de thakur" moment!"

I couldn't help but laugh, and blog! :D

PS: I have a new tag from today "No Kidding", which would have all silly anecdotes featuring the intelligent kids.. Gen-Y!