Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movies that I'd love to watch alone

There are some movies which you wish you could watch alone. No, am not talking about the ones in blue color :P  This is a family blog!

I am talking about the ones which make you cry or laugh or ponder and introspect,  the dialogues are so poignant that you want to hear them over and over again.

Some scenes where you wish it was you, instead of the actor, some songs which take you down the memory lane.

They might not be your favorite movies, but you love to watch them alone.
I have a list of such movies because of some or the other special factor.
I am listing down 5 of them.

1. Swades:

I had seen this movie in the theatre, with my friends and we had a good time discussing about how else can electricity be generated. I saw it again on TV with my family and we talked about the graceful sarees that Gayatree Shroff wore. The next time I saw it, I couldn't finish it for some reason.

But when I saw it during my stay in Germany, alone, I got its true essence.
No matter where you are, how happy you are, how lavish your lifestyle is, your motherland is your motherland boss!!

I prefer watching this movie alone, or may be with someone who wouldn't stare at me if I shed a tear or two, or sing in a high pitched tone, matching the Saawariya Saawariya song!

2. Dil Chahta Hai:

Some parts of the movie are really fun to watch with friends. But the during the scene when Sid slaps Akash, and tells him that every relationship has a limit and one should not cross that limit, you feel like empathising, without extra comments from a co-watcher. You want the dialogue to sink in deep.

Also,"Tanhayee" is meant to be heard alone, seen alone and felt alone. The solitude which pops up eminently amongst the presence of so many characters in the movie is really delightful.

There was a time when I would have so many people around, but still feel lonely. That was the time when I saw this movie and it eased me more than the presence and help of a friend. This was the time when I introspected about my approach towards life. I think I learnt a lot during this phase. Some philosophies just work well, at a particular point of time, in life.

I can watch this movie any number of times, but alone!

3. Kal ho na ho:

There are some parts in the movie that you would want to forward and watch the sensitive part all by yourself.

When the sad version of kal ho na ho begins, one tends to relate with the situation and feels bad about some random departure of a person from his/her life.
The title song of the movie is best enjoyed unaccompanied.

It suits perfect when you've lost a loved one, or you know you are going to (not necessarily through death).

At the end of the day, this movie taught me to value relationships and life. And everytime I watch it, I tell myself "Haso, Khelo, Jiyo, Khush Raho...kya pata Kal ho na ho"

4. Sadma:

 I have never seen this movie alone. I have seen it on the television with family around, always. It would usually happen, that during the climax of the movie, mom would get up and offer tea to everyone, to avoid the incessant flow of tears, which is obvious. And we would flip channels to avoid the expressions of distress.

This movie has a very very deep meaning at so many levels, Love being one.
I think letting go is the toughest part, but the strongest sign of Love. I hope I learn that to the core!

I would want to watch this movie from start to end, all alone, someday!

5. Jaane bhi do yaaron:

I love to laugh out loud at any scene, every scene in this movie. There are some who actually don't find certain scenes funny. But I enjoy this movie crazily.

This movie should be watched alone, if you hate people commenting on every scene. The movie has enough punch already and the least you want is extra comments and stupid giggles from a person who is keeping you company!

Goof-ups and make-ups? Life from a funnier perspective cannot be better than this hilarious flick!

Which are your Favorite Lone-Entertainers??

I feel like watching one this weekend.

And I pick, Sadma! :)