Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mistaken Identity

There are two beautiful females I adore to death. One aged 10, and the other 6. They are so amazing, that I can spend eternity listening to their itsy bitsy tales. Their names are Shruti and Shreya, Shruti being the elder one.

They are very fair, with blonde hair. They speak flawless hindi and with 10kgs of expressions accompanied with every statement. They hug, kiss, hold you when the are super excited.

They are the naughtiest, sweetest, cutest kids I have ever met in my life. I always tell their mom, that I would adopt them, and she willingly offers her kids to me saying ,

"1 hafte baad lautaane mat aana" (Don't come and return them to me after a week), she is so sure that I would. :D

It so happened, that we all went to Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu) for our Guruji's birthday and these two ladies had come too.

So we were sitting in the canteen in the Ashram and a tamil family walked upto us and started talking to Shruti and Shreya.

"What is your name?", the elderly gentleman asked.

These two girls were told not to talk to strangers, so they did not reply.

"Can we click a photograph with you?", he asked in a heavy Tamil accent.

The girls smiled and obliged the gentleman and the family to click pictures with them. Shruti was about to utter something, but Shreya pulled her frock and signalled her to keep mum.

This happened not once, but thrice. Shruti would start speaking, and Shreya would ask her to shut up.

They both behaved themselves, until the Tamil family clicked pictures with them and left.

"Shreya, tu meri frock kyu kheech rahi thi?", Shruti yelled authoritatively.

"Arre, ye log, thode kaale hai na, inhone apne ko foreigner samjh liya aur photo kheechne ke liye bulaya", Shreya, the little one said proudly.

"Toh?", Shruti asked, still mad at her little sister.

"Agar tu hindi me baat karti, toh poll khul jaati naaaaaaa", Shreya said, with about 7.5 kgs of expressions popping out from her eyes and face.

We all busrt into laughter at their innocence and intelligence.

Their mom seemed embarrassed and scolded the girls.

I said, "Bhabhi, adoption papers tayaar karu?"

And then there was a huge laughter again!!