Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am Corrupt

I usually claim medical reimbursements from my office for which I need to produce medical bills. This time I forgot the medical bills in Nagpur and in order to claim my reimbursement, I thought what could be done.

So I went to the chemist close to my place and requested him, "Bhaiyya Rs.2500 ka ek bill bana dena" (Please  make a bill of Rs. 2500)

He replied, "Nahi madam".

I wondered why did he say no, he usually does it for other people.

"Arre bhaiyya, 5% le lena", I offered.

"Nahi madam", he again refused.

"Par pichhle hafte hi toh aapne mere saamne ek bhai sahab ko bill banake diya", I questioned him because he was doing someone else a favour and was refusing one to me.

"Nahi madam, abhi chhod diya", he replied.

"Kyu bhaiyya, 5% de rahi hu na main", I insisted on giving him 5% of the total amount of the bill.

"Nahi, bola na madam. Main Anna Hazare ke Paksh me hu", he said.

I felt like hitting my head with a broom, right then. I had not imagined in my weirdest of thoughts that this is actually what they call "corruption".

I felt very very bad and wondered, is it imbibed so deep? I was, rather I am a staunch supporter of Anti Corruption, but until now, I thought of it at a broader level. I thought only the politicians who had crores of Rupees in their bank accounts were corrupt and they should be penalised in order to bring about a difference.

I think, if I want to see the change, it should begin with me. I vowed to keep a check on my conscience. I am Corrupt and I don't like it, because giving a bribe is corruption too!

Aisa bhi hota hai, yaaron, aur ye bilkul theek nahi hai..  :(