Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girlfriends - Part 4

"Do you think our men would also
try and have affair?"
"I think that's a distant dream
They're happy with our love and care"

"Then why do we look for more
for someone who would understand?"
"Men are men, they have their limitation
They don't have an emotional gland"

"That's indeed funny but
what would another man do?
If you have an affair outside
Would he really understand you?"

"So you mean, they all are same
there's no point cheating poor Ed"
"Yes, very much, I think that too
I'd rather love to be with you instead"

"Oh, yes, Imagine, how wonderful it'd be
if we shared our life everyday
you'd know what I really mean
when I just begin to say"

"And you would help me cook supper
and compliment my culinary so fine"
"I'd rather learn a few Italian pieces
And make the family dine"

"We could go shopping every month
and we needn't hurry up for home"
"There'd be times when we'd eat out
and never regret eating alone"

"Sigh! What a beauty
would life be then"
"we'd be so happy and gay
without these boring old men"

to be contd...

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