Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Girlfriends - Part 3

Girlfriends - Part 1             Girlfriends - Part 2

"Talk about that handsome guy
I still remember his face
He'd smile so sweet and walk so right
With a gleeful pace"

"Did you read the letters he'd sent?
He loved you back dearly too"
"Oh did he? this is unbelievable!
Did he speak about it to you?"

"He told me he would talk about it
Once he is rich, with brawn
He went to the gulf to seek his destiny
and so his life went on"

"Oh poor me, what a wonderful crush
was that man to me
And how about the brown haired guy
Everyday, whom we would see?"

"Poor thing he died last summer
his daughter befriended mine
she sold his house for a crore or more
and bought a textile line"

"How interesting that we still talk
about our crushes and the past"
"What's wrong about it, if we have our men
whose humour wouldn't last"

"Yeah, how I wish I could
love my man any less
I would have an affair or two
and put him in a mess"

"I think so too, what if,
we try and find someone
we can ring up Mickey and ask
if we could still have some fun"

"Old lady, you are
spoiling my reputation and stance"
"Shut up, you spoilt sport, be a game
Let's take one more chance" be contd...