Monday, August 29, 2011

Girlfriends - Part 1

Once upon a time, not very long
There we two old, best friends
One was plump, the other was strong
On each other they'd depend.

"My man gave me dentures,
on  our anniversary last year"
"What? Didn't you hit him hard and strong
how could he do that dear?"

"I told him buy me diamonds
but he said my wrinkles shone
He would give them for sure he said
but I'd have to wear them on my own"

"My hand wouldn't reach my ear
let alone be my neck
I asked him to get me a mobile phone
that wasn't pretty much the heck"

"You, lucky old woman, you still demand
my man has lost his speech
he never listens nor talks much
but opens his mouth to preach"

"In this very garden, lady,
Remember how we spent
the wonderful days, the golden dusks
amidst the wintery scents"

"So, tell me how's it like,
your children - good and fine?"
"Yes, I mean... I don't know..
I really don't get time..." be contd.