Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Right! So this was nostalgia. I was discussing the other day with a friend what all crazy things we did when we were kids. One of them was calling the Chudail and hear her wash clothes.

How to call a Chudail?

1. Take a small piece of rag. (Analogous to the cloth to be washed)
2. Take some strands of hair (Anybodys.Do not expect a Pantene user to give you those strands :D)
3. Take a small piece of washing soap, precisely Rin (Chudail prefers Rin)
4. Take some water (one needs water to wash clothes, you see ;) )
5. Take a piece of stone (Clothes were earlier washed on a washing stone... Ask the Grandmoms!)
6. Take some Sand or mud. (Don't ask me why. It's a ritual! That's it!)

Put all this in a mug and pour water till the sand/mud is wet, entirely.

Invert the mug and put it upside down, covering all these contents.

Sing the following song in total Sur and Taal.. olrite?

"Aap jaisa Koi...mere zindagi me aaye...
Toh baat banjaaye...
ha ha ha baat ban jaaye"

Now, put your ear to the mug.

You will hear the Chudail wash clothes. The Chudail has arrived!!! :D

Now this isn't for the weak hearted, so avoid this, if you are scared of cockroaches.

And those who manage to call and hear the Chudail - Congrats, you are a part of the Hilluminati.. :D :D