Friday, July 01, 2011

Chitthi Aayi Hai

A few days back, a friend visited me and I acted sweet and all to make her leave her pen back with me. I have this crazy addiction for pens, you see. And 0.7mm tip, OMG, it reminded me of the China Pen that I had back in school (I still vie for those lovely ink pens).

So I kept that pen with myself and one fine day, I decided to write with it in my diary.
But it wasn't kinda enough. I wrote a few pages, but the pen still kept demanding that I use it to the fullest.

"This is not the purpose of my pen life, lady.. Use me", it yelled.

I wondered how can I do justice to it? I took out another diary which I usually use to make notes, and decided to write something in that as well.

For a change I began writing in Hindi. I had long forgotten the joy of writing in Hindi. I almost forgot spellings (maatras) of many words, but still I thought I should give it a shot.
Right then I got a call from my friend and I ended up committing that I shall write a letter to her in Hindi, with that pen.

The pen breathed. Finally. As if it's purpose would now be solved.

So I wrote a letter, the way we were taught in school, in a proper format starting with "Preeya Dost," and ending with "Tumhari Pyaari,".The beginning of the letter typically being "Aasha hai tum maze me ho, yaha bhi sab kushal mangal hai".

I still remember how Mrs. Madhu Shukla taught us to give regards to parents of the person you are writing to "Tumhare Maata Pita ko mera saadar pranaam", and many such nuances of letter writing.

Nostalgia triggered a lot of things, and I ended up writing a four page letter, entirely in Hindi. There were times when I would go blank, recollecting Hindi words instead of English ones. One particular word held me up for a good 15 minutes. The word was "attempt". The sentence was "Main bohot dino baad hindi me letter likhne ka 'attempt' kar rahi hu". I couldn't finalize between "Prayog/Prayas" so I wrote it with a slash.

As the pen filled the pages with beautiful Akshars, I realised, what a joy it is to write letters (I mean actually "write").I decorated the letter with cute flowers and hearts just to fill in all that was missing.

Yesterday I got a reply to my letter (in English though). And I have never felt so elated in a while. Trust me, there is no joy like reading a letter written by a loved one.

Emails are great, so is fb, twitter and all the e-messaging services. But it's always good to see how your handwriting looks on paper after so many years of giving it up, rather than how good you type in one minute. It reflects love in the efforts.

I love the Post Scripts (PS:) in the letters, somehow. They hold the most important information. I usually read it first.

There is so much to it, so many things that fascinate me. This is something long lost, and newly found..

Oh! The joy of writing - the joy of "writing" letters!