Thursday, July 21, 2011


The other day,I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me how his friends were getting pictures clicked in blazer and all, for matrimonial profile.

Apart from wondering how interested the guys are in all this business, I had a deep craving of seeing my friend's picture in a blazer too.

So I told him to get a picture clicked in a blazer.

He justified, "I am not getting married any time soon"

"But what's the harm in getting a picture clicked in a blazer, considering you'll have a professional clicking you?", I asked.

"Yeah you are right", he said and agreed to do it.

So I received a mail from him.
It read:

I am sending you two pics, one in blazer, and the other one is a time pass click in shorts.
I thought, Ok, probably he wanted to share some good clicks.

So I opened the attachment and had a look at the picture in the blazer. And.. holy cow!! he looked amazing. Though it featured him only till his waist.

I opened the next image..

And it was a total contrast to the first one. He donned a cool look on the face holding a blazer in one hand and as I scrolled down the picture he sported a nice funky shorts which looked eeeewwwwkkkkkss with the awesome, formal blazer.. worst, he wore chappals.

Shhhaaayyyy! What a lazy ass, I thought!!

Appearances can be deceptive, they say!! How true!

How wish I could post his picture here!!

Aisa Bhi Hota hai Boss!