Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's your Phyisical Address?

Some thing really funny happened, and our dear Friend Rudy ended up in a laughter, finally exclaiming, “Bolo, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai”..

Here’s the snippet, straight from Rudy.

Last week, we were asked to filled up a sheet containing the following items.
So, a Mr X sitting in location HB04A037W (The workstations are given names like these) gave the following information:

Sr No:      18
Name:     Mr. X
Login Name :      xyz
Software License no:  1234567
Software Version:        2011
TID:          T2011XYZ
Project Code:   OR9999
Project Name: ABHH Updates (:P)
Machine #:        D-0000
Physical Address (MAC):   HB04A037W

I hope everyone knows what a MAC address is – its related to your Ethernet card. So this Mr. X filled the MAC add as his physical location (His Workstation address) and everyone followed his steps not knowing what a MAC add is. The best part is they didn’t even ask what it was and blindly filled in their “Physical Address” lol :P.

One ignorant fellow, led everyone else to do the same!! And where did this happen? – In an IT company.. who did it??- Engineers!!

Ab Bolo – aisa bhi hota hai :D :P!!!