Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Sitting

I called my sister one morning and asked her, "Kidhar hai?"

She replied, "Going to Daddu's."

I asked why?

She said candidly ,"Aaj daddu ko baby sit karna hai".Uncle and Aunty had gone out for some work.

I laughed momentarily but realised, that is how life is. You grow with age once and then you ungrow and become a baby again.
What our daddu used to do to us when we were kids, we need to do it to him now, at an age of 92.

Nonetheless, I am sure we cannot state what a pleasure it is to baby sit him, like it was a pleasure for him to baby sit his grand kids.

And how cutely he smiles when he sees one of us, is another pleasure altogether.

Daddu... tum bhi na!! :)