Monday, May 09, 2011

Weekend Glee

Weekend was fun. Though there's a lot to write about, but filhaal, there are two instances where we laughed our asses out!


Jincy and Johnson, the rockstar couple came over to Pune to spend the weekend with us. We happened to click some pictures and later we analysed all of them.

Maloo said something very intriguing, "A photographer is not a good phototaker, he is a good moment catcher."

We all agreed.

Johnson kinda agreed a lot and gave a counter - compliment to Maloo , "Arre, main tere baare me kuch alag hi sochta tha. Par tu toh bohot intelligent nikli ."

Maloo instantly replied, "Thank you Thank you"

I thought about it and laughed out loud.

Johnson seemed happy that atleast I got the joke and gave a hi-five.

Maloo looked confused. She asked , "Why are y'all laughing? Kuch alag kaha kya aapne?"

We laughed harder and claimed that Golden words are just repeated once, but I decreased the value of the words, by repeating them and then Maloo laughed too.

Tashan ke chakkar me, yaaron, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai... :D


After a crazy sunday, and an awesome snack treat at Good Luck Cafe, Maloo and I headed for home. Maloo was riding the vehicle.

We avoided all the signals and took a route from all the small lanes, until we reached the main road. At the crossroads we realised, that a right turn was not allowed.

Maloo asked me, "Right turn is not allowed. Kya karu?"

I replied , "Signal pe ruk, dekhte hai. Right le lenge."

"Arre, look at the board, it says no right turn", Maloo emphasized.

"Left lene me koi matlab nahi hai", I pondered.

"Hmm", said Maloo.

"Do one thing, Take a STRAIGHT TURN", I replied.

Maloo burst out and I kept wondering..

STRAIGHT TURN!!! Grrr...!! What was I thinking...??

Aisa Bhi Hua tha, Aisa Bhi Hota Hai... aur na jaane Aisa Kab tak Hota Rahega :D :D