Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"Betty, You remember the cup cake that Gramma made the other day?"

"Yeah.. What about it?", Betty demands.

"I ate it all up", Ken sounds apologetic.

"You said you would keep some for me", says Betty grudgingly.

"But it was yummy and I couldn't wait till you came", explained Ken.

"Will she make some more for me, If I ask her?", says Betty candidly.

"I don't know", replied Ken.

"Why don't you ask her to, Ken. She will make some more for you and you can then share it with me", suggests Betty.

"What's you favorite chocolate, Bett", asks Ken.

"No. It's alright. You needn't give me a chocolate instead of the cup cake", says Betty.

"Tell me no. What is your favourite chocolate?", asks Ken.

"Umm... No", says Betty.

"Ok, shall I tell you my favorite one?", says Ken.

"Yeah?", Betty looks clueless.

"Rocker", Ken says it in style.

"Rocher it is Ken, Rocher", Betty corrects him.

"I don't know the entire name, but they taste delicious", says Ken, "Come let me give you some".

"You have 'em?", asks Betty enthusiastically.

"A box full", Ken sounds excited.

"Grampa... Betty's here"

"Yes Kids... I am on my way"

"Grampa, can we give Betty ..."

"Shhhh... Yes.. Make her sit down"

"Betty sit... This is for you", Ken hands her a box full of chocolates and 6 cupcakes.

"Wow.. you said you had none left for me", Betty sounds excited.

"It's called a Surprise", says Ken.

"What is a Surprise Grampa?", asks Betty

"Ferrero Rocher and Cupcakes for you", says Ken proudly.

Betty smiles.

"Thats what Grampa gave Gramma Yesterday and Gramma made cup cakes surprise for Grampa", says

"And I saved some for you", adds Ken.

"Wow... But what do you mean by Surprise?", Betty asks as she relishes the Ferrero Rocher and

"Grampa, what is a surprise?", asks Ken.

"Nothing Kid. It's a just a gift"

"But it wasn't a birthday, nor an anniversary, then?", asks Ken.

"When there isn't one, what you give is a surprise", answers Grampa.

"Alright.. Betty Ferrero Rocher is yummy. Isn't it?"

"It sure is. I love it", says Betty.